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Critical Reading- Marking the Text:

Critical Reading- Marking the Text Jennifer Lorenz 5 July 2015

Learning Objective:

Learning Objective Students will be able to mark the text of a reading in a structured way that will enhance their understanding of the material. Students will be able to annotate the text with their questions and interpretations of the main ideas

Marking/Highlighting the Text:

Marking/Highlighting the Text The point is not to make the page colorful, it is to help break down the material into manageable pieces! Marking text should enhance understanding For main ideas, looking for both the author’s intended meaning and its meaning to you personally, not always the same thing!

Text Marking:

Text Marking Number the paragraphs Underline main ideas Circle vocabulary In the left margin, write one question per paragraph In the right margin, write the main idea in your own words. This should be a short phrase, not a long sentence


Demonstrate 1. “ S’right . It’s a shell ! I seen one like that before. On someone’s back wall. A conch he called it . He used to blow it and then his mum would come. It’s ever so valuable—” 2. Near to Ralph’s elbow a palm sapling leaned out over the lagoon. Indeed, the weight was already pulling a lump from the poor soil and soon it would fall. He tore out the stem and began to poke about in the water , while the brilliant fish flicked away on this side and that. Piggy leaned dangerously . Can you actually make noise blowing into a shell? Does it matter to the b oys whether they are destroying things? Found a valuable shell Poked at shell with a stick

Guided Practice:

Guided Practice Take a look at the first page of your handout, the first fe w paragraphs of Pride and Prejudice. We will walk through reading and annotating them together. Remember the steps, Number, Underline, Circle, Questions, Main Ideas


Apply Using your notes and the worksheet as a guideline, annotate the first three pages of our new book, Crime and Punishment.

Assessment and reflection :

Assessment and reflection On the handout provided, do the following 1. Mark the paragraph from Crime and Punishment 2. Answer these questions at the bottom What are the five steps of this strategy? Of the five, which one is the most important, and why? Is the author’s intended meaning the only interpretation that matters? Justify your answer.


Credits Strategies based on ideas generated from the History/Inquiry strand at the AVID summer institute 2015.