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Where is the day of the dead celebrated? Mexico and parts of the United States 1)When is it celebrated? November 1st and 2nd 2)What is pan de muerto ? A traditional food that is made for Dia de los Muertos . It is sweet and often called “bread of the dead”. 3)Is the day of the dead considered a sad time or a festive one? Festive 4)What is an ofrenda ? (give details) An altar made dedicated to a person on Dia de los Muertos . Why are they set up? To honor a dead loved one or person. Where are they typically set up? On a table with a white tablecloth. 5)What are calacas ? White whimsical skeletons that represent death . 6)View a traditional altar: Under the cartoon click on Altar Documentary. Then, name the seven things that typically can be found on an altar on “ Día de los muertos ”? 1 . A picture of the person that the altar is being dedicated to. 4. Items that represent the honoree. 2.Foods for the spirits; usually the foods that the person being remembered liked. 5. Strawberries, whipped cream, and champagne. 3. A bar of soap, water, and a towel incase the dead want to wash up. 6. Burning copal incense. 7. The honoree’s favorite music.

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