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Chapter 12 : 

Chapter 12 Vocabulary

Joint Occupation : 

Joint Occupation area shared by two or more countries

Rendezvous : 

Rendezvous a meeting

Emigrant : 

Emigrant person who leaves a country to live somewhere else

Manifest Destiny : 

Manifest Destiny belief that the country must expand west to the Pacific

Empresario : 

Empresario people who arranged American settlements in Texas

Decree : 

Decree an official order

Annex : 

Annex to add a territory to an existing territory

Cede : 

Cede to give something up by treaty

Vigilante : 

Vigilante people who take the law into their own hands

Other Key Events of People : 

Other Key Events of People

Santa Anna : 

Santa Anna Mexican dictator who led Mexico against the Texans and later America

The Alamo : 

The Alamo location of historical battle between Texans and Mexicans

Oregon Trail : 

Oregon Trail trail from Midwest leading northwestward to Portland