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the campaign ad:

the campaign ad


ads to watch 1952:

a ds to watch 1952 Ike for President The Man from Abilene Ike . . . Bob Let’s not forget the farmer

ads to watch 1956:

a ds to watch 1956 The Man from Libertyville Housewife Cartoon guy National Parks

ads to watch 1960:

a ds to watch 1960 Harry Belafonte Mrs. JFK Taxes Best Qualified

ads to watch 1964:

a ds to watch 1964 Accomplishments Peace Little Girl John Wayne Symbols We Will Bury You

ads to watch 1968:

a ds to watch 1968 Vietnam Convention Laughter Voting booth

ads to watch 1972:

a ds to watch 1972 Nixon, the Man Youth Young Vets Change

ads to watch 1976:

a ds to watch 1976 South Secrecy Gerald Ford bio Children/Accomplishments

ads to watch 1980:

a ds to watch 1980 Streetgov Kennedy/No More Liberty Park/Hope Campaign’80 Lorraine

ads to watch 1984:

a ds to watch 1984 Prouder, stronger, better Bear Loopholes House

ads to watch 1988:

a ds to watch 1988 Tank Ride Revolving door Hey Pal Counterpunch

ads to watch 1992:

a ds to watch 1992 The Journey Leaders 2 Gray Spot What I am Fighting For Best Person/Independent

ads to watch 1996:

a ds to watch 1996 Surgeon Next Century Fool Counterpunch

ads to watch 2000:

a ds to watch 2000 Really MD RATS Ian Morph

ads to watch 2004:

a ds to watch 2004 Sellout (Swift Boat Veterans for Truth 2004) John Kerry, International Man of Mystery Rassman Faces of Frustration (web ad)

ads to watch 2008:

a ds to watch 2008 Yes We Can (web ad) Fundamentals Original Mavericks Celeb

ads to watch 2012:

a ds to watch 2012 He’s Got it Right Understands Give Me a Break 47% Cancer Apology Tour

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