Topic 4 Interest Groups

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Topic 4: Interest Groups:

Topic 4: Interest Groups

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“Let’s Keep in Touch!”

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What is an Interest Group? Why do people join interest groups? What do interest groups do? Are they good or bad for our political system?

What is an interest group?:

What is an interest group?

Foreign Agents Registration Act:

Foreign Agents Registration Act

kinds of interest groups:

kinds of interest groups

Sec. 501(c)(3):

Sec. 501(c)(3)

Sec. 501 (c)(4):

Sec. 501 (c)(4)



501 (c)(3) v. 501 (c)(4):

501 (c)(3) v. 501 (c)(4)

Why do interest groups form?:

Why do interest groups form?

Economic Interest Groups:

Economic Interest Groups

Issue Interest Groups/ Social Movements :

Issue Interest Groups/ Social Movements

Public Interest Groups:

Public Interest Groups

Why do people join Interest Groups?:

Why do people join Interest Groups?

job/occupation requires it:

job/occupation requires it

believe in a cause:

believe in a cause



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Approximately 38 million members.

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Join AARP Anyone 50 or over can get all the great benefits of membership in AARP for only $16 a year. And membership includes your spouse or partner, free! Joining online is fast and secure. You become a member right away and receive your membership number online. What Does Your Membership Include? Benefits and Discounts - Access to health insurance, automobile insurance, homeowners insurance and other services from AARP. Great discounts on travel, online services, phone and much more. Advocacy Information - A voice in Washington and in your state, representing you on issues like Medicare, Social Security, and consumer safety. Valuable Information for Living Well - Learn more about healthy living, financial planning, consumer protection, and caring for parents. Award-winning Publications - AARP The Magazine is packed with exciting features, and the AARP Bulletin brings you the latest news and information each month. Community Services - Local chapters, driver safety courses, and a nationwide volunteer network.

free rider problem:

free rider problem

What do interest groups do?:

What do interest groups do?

How do they influence policy?:

How do they influence policy?

1.) help win campaigns:

1.) help win campaigns

Members = Votes:

Members = Votes





2.) build support for particular legislative agenda:

2.) build support for particular legislative agenda

3.) build support for nominees:

3.) build support for nominees

4.) provide specialized knowledge:

4.) provide specialized knowledge

5.) write legislation and regulations:

5.) write legislation and regulations

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Put his name on it and introduce it Either because it is good for his District or state or He believes in it write the provision, on behalf of the interest group a.k.a. industry and . . .

6) write speeches:

6) write speeches

7) litigate:

7) litigate

as plaintiffs and amicus curiae briefs:

as plaintiffs and amicus curiae briefs

8) protest:

8) protest

Who do interest groups attempt to influence?:

Who do interest groups attempt to influence?

Are interest groups good or bad for our government?:

Are interest groups good or bad for our government?

pluralist theory:

pluralist theory

elite theory:

elite theory



hyper-pluralist theory:

hyper-pluralist theory

Are we electing the best leaders or just people who please big interest groups?:

Are we electing the best leaders or just people who please big interest groups?

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Revolving Door:

Revolving Door

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Former Assistant USTR Former Under Secretary of Commerce Former Senate Staffer Former Asst. Secretary of Energy

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Occupy Wall Street is a leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors , genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%. We are using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve our ends and encourage the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants.

Occupy Wall Street:

Occupy Wall Street No hierarchical organization w/ dues and membership No leaders No real educating of public

We are the 99%:

We are the 99% OWS's goals: Reduce the influence of corps. on politics; More balanced distribution of income; More and better jobs; Bank reform; Debt relief for students.

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Tea Party members share similar core principles supporting the United States Constitution as the Founders intended, such as: •  Limited federal government •  Individual freedoms •  Personal responsibility •  Free markets •  Returning political power to the states and the people As a movement, The Tea Party is not a political party nor is looking to form a third political party any time soon. The Tea Party movement, is instead, about reforming all political parties and government. What is the Tea Party?

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