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Why Track Vehicles? : 

Why Track Vehicles? . . . and specifically why track them with USA Fleet Services?

What do your vehicles run on? : 

What do your vehicles run on? Gasoline? Diesel? LNG, Propane, or other alternative fuel? D. None of the above They run on MONEY! YOUR MONEY! YOUR MONEY!


LOTS of MONEY! Consumables (Fuel, Oil, Tires, etc.) Scheduled Maintenance Repairs Replacement Insurance Driver/Crew Labor ALL OF WHICH INCREASES WITH INEFFICIENT OR INAPPROPRIATE USE OF VEHICLES!

Inefficient/Inappropriate Use : 

Inefficient/Inappropriate Use Speeding Excessive Idling Unnecessary Stops Unexplained Delays Side Trips Personal Use Moonlighting

What Would You Do? : 

What Would You Do? What would you do if you found out employees were wasting – or worse, stealing – your money? More to the point; HOW WOULD YOU FIND OUT? What if the cost of finding out was less than the savings you would realize? Would you be interested?

Welcome to Our World! : 

Welcome to Our World! Our GPS/Cellular based vehicle tracking service is inexpensive and easy to use Best Value; most features for the money Continuous tracking Configurable reports Configurable alerts Intelligent dispatch Applied Technologies for Asset Management

Flexible Graphical Interface : 

Flexible Graphical Interface

Standard & Custom Reports : 

Standard & Custom Reports

Configurable Phone/Email Alerts : 

Configurable Phone/Email Alerts Idle Time Stop Time Speed Odd Hours Out of Area Sensor Activation* *can be used for almost anything on the vehicle such as lift-gate or power take off activation

Additional Benefits : 

Additional Benefits Reduce billing errors with accurate time-on-site information Improve customer service and reduce total travel costs by dispatching closest vehicle Reduce communications time/cost; you have real-time vehicle locations at the tip of your fingers

Act Now! : 

Act Now! If you snooze, you lose. In our present economic conditions you need every competitive edge you can get Call Jack at 970-690-0654 for a FREE GPS Fleet Evaluation for your company.

Better yet • • • : 

We’re happy to meet with you first by Internet and telephone to minimally impact your busy day. Better yet • • • While we have you on the phone, why not make an appointment with one of our At a cost of little more than $1 a day! GPS Specialists to get you all the details and show you how easy it is to save you $3,684 / vehicle / year?

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