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Roman Rule & the Herods:

Roman Rule & the Herods Janna Lutz


Pompey Highly successful military officer for Rome (106-48 BC) Given the task of strategically expanding roman borders to include Egypt and Syria Brought Judea under roman control in 63 BC


Antipater Ruled Judea from 63-43 BC Understood local politics Aided in transitioning Judea to Roman control


Herod Son of Antipater Regional ruler of Galilee Fled Judea during Parthian take over Returned to rule Judea in 37 BC with the support of Rome Ruled until 4 BC

During Herod’s Reign:

During Herod’s Reign Jewish province prospered Focussed on creating infrastructure, which was financed by heavy taxation Reconstructed Jerusalem’s temple ( 20 BC-63 AD) Constructed one of the largest harbours in the Mediterranean Paranoid of conspiracy

Sons of Herod:

Sons of Herod Archelaus (4BC-AD6) Vicious and feared ethnarch of Judea, Samaria, and Idumea Removed from power in 6AD after citizen uprisings Antipas (4BC-AD39) Tetrarch of Galilee and Perea Philip (4BC-AD34) Tetrarch of the northern regions

Roman prefects and Jewish rulers:

Roman prefects and Jewish rulers Judea comes under direct Roman control After Archelaus’s removal Judea is governed by Roman prefects System of governors is briefly retired Herod’s grandson Agrippa 1 st is appointed by Claudius to rule Judea After Agrippa’s reign, Judea returns to Roman governors called Procurators

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