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The Journey to Investing& the Laws of fundraising : 

The Journey to Investing& the Laws of fundraising The Hunger Project

Purpose : 

Purpose Vision: That we awaken to a new possibility for ourselves as individuals who can share the joy of philanthropy. Commitment: That we commit ourselves to fulfilling that possibility. Action: That we identify specific action steps that we can and will do – individually and together – that will result in increased funding for The Hunger Project this year.

Philanthropy : 

Philanthropy Love of humanity

Top Ten Reasons (1) : 

Top Ten Reasons (1) THP does not give handouts. We build self-reliance, empowering people to achieve permanent solutions to poverty. THP works at the heart of the problem, rather than making small contributions at the periphery THP is strategic — we have a clear methodology that works.

Top Ten Reasons (2) : 

Top Ten Reasons (2) THP depends on the money of individual investors like you – not just government. THP uses money in innovative, high-leverage ways and with complete integrity. THP puts money to the highest possible use — the benefit of all humankind. THP puts you in direct partnership with thousands of experienced and committed leaders around the world.

Top Ten Reasons (3) : 

Top Ten Reasons (3) THP mobilizes all sectors of society to work together. THP makes a difference at both grassroots and leadership levels for lasting, society-wide changes. Investing in THP deepens your connectedness to all people and to our natural environment. THP will transform you as it transforms the world.

People-Centered Fundraising : 

People-Centered Fundraising Focus on one person Focus on one next step Rigorously do the next step Give up assumptions / “shoulds” Context is discovery/exploration – not trying to sell THP. Deep listening – what interests this person? What is next for them? Partnership with staff fundraiser.

Cycle of investment : 

Cycle of investment 6. Keep engaged 1. Invitation 2. Learn about THP 3. Learn about investment 4. Ask for money 5. Acknowledge

Law : 

Law Fundraising happens through relatedness.

Law – First Gifts : 

Law – First Gifts The majority of people who give a first gift to any organization never give a second one.

Law – Renewal : 

Law – Renewal The most important action a fundraiser can take is to renew current investors.

Law – Second Gift : 

Law – Second Gift The second gift is critical. Once you get a second gift, and then solidify it with a third, you are on your way to having a lifelong investor.

Law – Higher the Better : 

Law – Higher the Better The higher people invest, the more likely they are to renew.

Law – Sooner the Better : 

Law – Sooner the Better The sooner you invite investors to upgrade or invest again, the more likely they will do so.

You are Invited! : 

You are Invited! The Hunger Project  2009 Fundraising Leadership Conference  Chicago, IL Join fellow investors from across North America in unveiling our new Vision, Commitment and Action Workshop designed specifically for the developed world. You will have the opportunity to create your vision for your participation in The Hunger Project in 2009; strengthen your commitment; plan your next actions as investor activists; and engage with Jill Lester, President and CEO. Saturday, March 2110:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.Sunday, March 229:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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