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JBZ Beats provides Hip Hop Beats, Rap Beats & Instrumentals for sale in Basic, Premium and Unlimited Leasing to use for your collection, mixtape, youtube recordings, Facebook videos, commercials,iTunes etc. Buy high-quality Rap Beats Online at reasonable costs and Download Royalty Free Music today!


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JBZ Beats http://www.jbzbeats.com


About JBZ Beats JBZ Beats provides Hip Hop Beats for sale, Buy Rap Instrumentals Online, Download Royalty Free Music and Buy Rap Beats in Basic, Premium and Unlimited Leasing. Buy beats in high caliber, produced by experts today. We offer Hip Hop Beats, as well as offer R&B, and Rap Beats in general. We ensure that our music is beat quality and has a distinguished sound. You can pay using a credit card or PayPal. Files are right away sent through email after payment is handled. All purchased beats are delivered untagged and with contracts clarifying what you are permitted to do with the instrumental. All Beats are without royalty to as far as possible noted previously.


About Jared White My name is Jared White aka “JBZ Beats”. I’m an aspiring 25 year old music producer, college graduate, and internet entrepreneur. I currently work with rap, hip-hop, and electronic instrumentals. I was born in New Mexico, and grew up in Michigan. I believe that your passion can and should be your job, so that’s the dream I’m chasing. I’m always looking to help others do the same


Rap Beats Rap Beats from us are original and diverse. We create out of the love for music. You won’t find a more diverse selection. As the “type beat” trend continues to get more popular, we strive to make music that WE like. Some beats are still labeled “type beat” to help sort through our large selection, but know our intention is always to help you stand out, NOT sound like artists that already exist


Record knockout tracks on the perfectly clear, speaker beating, untagged adaptations or versions of these Rap Beats and R&B Beats! All for one low cost! Completely recommended for anyone genuine in the music industry. Recording Over Rap Beats


JBZ Beats offers Mixing & Mastering Mixing  is the process of putting multiple layers of audio together to make one final track, or to musically modify an existing track. When it comes to your songs, this means using compression, equalization, balance, filters, effects and audio augmentation to modify your vocals to meet the industry standard. Mastering  means putting the extra polish on your project in preparation on for replication factory requirements or record label security concerns. Mastering is adding sparkle & shine to your music. It gives your project that extra “ umph ”.


PRICING BASIC PREMIUM UNLIMITED $30 Untagged MP3 Distribute up to 5,000 Units $50 Untagged MP3 + Untagged WAV $100 Untagged MP3 + Untagged WAV + WAV Trackouts Unlimited Distribution Distribute up to 10,000 Units


Contact Us Business Email: [email protected] Business Address: 956 Barlow St. ,Traverse City, MI, 49686


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