Colonial America Pt 5

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Economic Activities:

Economic Activities Cultivated large areas of land to produce harvests of cash crops Tobacco was principal crop of Maryland and Virginia Sold in Europe Indentured servants and slaves worked the land

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Rice was main crop in South Carolina and Georgia Built rice paddies Relied on slave labor More profitable than tobacco

Slave Trade:

Slave Trade TRIANGULAR TRADE Trade routes between the West Indies, Europe/Colonies, and West Africa that was used to bring slaves to America MIDDLE PASSAGE Route used to ship Africans to the West Indies and into slavery Most inhumane aspect of the triangular trade

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Notice the Middle Passage


Slavery Most slaves worked on plantations Most plantations had OVERSEERS - hired men used to keep slaves working hard All states had Slave Codes 1 Could not leave without written permission Must remain illiterate Severe punishments for violating these codes: Whipped for minor offenses Hanged or burned for serious crimes Punished severely for running away - chopping off half a foot Other punishments - being sold or having family members sold

Criticisms of Slavery:

Criticisms of Slavery Not everyone in the colonies believed in slavery Puritans refused to hold slaves Quakers and Mennonites (a German religious group) condemned slavery People of the North soon grew to hate slavery Misconception of the South South however believed that it was the main reason for their economic success and was necessary despite its profound injustice

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Take Quiz 1.4 Access the quiz through Mrs. Betz ’ s website