Colonial America Pt 4

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Southern Colonies:

Southern Colonies


VOCAB TERMS: Indentured Servant Middle Passage Cash Crop Overseer


Maryland 1632 - created as a proprietary colony Granted to a group of Catholics People were required to plant tobacco and two acres of corn Many also planted wheat, veggies, fruit and had livestock

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To bring settlers to the colony Land was given for the number of people on the farm Larger plantations due to land being given Large plantations = need for cheap labor INDENTURED SERVANTS - people who agreed to work without pay to get to America African slaves

Virginia :

Virginia Jamestown John Rolfe Tobacco

The Carolinas:

The Carolinas Created by charters in 1663 and 1665 Means “ Charles ’ Land ” in Latin - Named after King Charles of England 1719 - the settlers seized control of the colony from the proprietors 1729 - split into North and South due to major differences

North Carolina:

North Carolina Mostly farmers with small plantations Little need for slaves/indentured servants Grew tobacco and sold forest products No good harbor, so they relied on Virginia ’ s ports

South Carolina:

South Carolina Very fertile farmland = large plantations Excellent harbor in Charleston 1740s - discovery of indigo by Eliza Young Blue flowering plant used to dye textiles Many settlers were from the Barbados


Georgia Established in 1733 Created for English DEBTORS and the poor Created numerous laws: Banned slavery Banned Catholics Banned rum Forced to keep the size of the farms small Most settlers objected these laws 1751 - Colony turned back to the King