Colonial America Pt 3

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Middle Colonies:

Middle Colonies



New York:

New York Began in 1624 when the Dutch West Indies Co. began trading in the Americas Company recruited settlers with land deal Anyone who brought 50 settlers to work the land received more land

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1664 - English fleet sent to attack the Dutch Governor surrendered the colony Renamed New York by the Duke of York, the new ruler Duke agreed to allow elected legislature

New Jersey:

New Jersey Duke of York gave the Southern part to 2 proprietors Proprietors recruited settlers with: Large tracts of land and generous terms Religious freedom Trial by jury Representative assembly Attempted to charge rent to settlers, but had to sell New Jersey back to the king


Pennsylvania 1680 - William Penn given a land grant to create a proprietary colony in America 1 Penn was a member of the Quaker religion Quakers were exiled from England Beliefs threatened many other belief systems/religions PACIFISTS - people who do not believe in war

Economic Activities:

Economic Activities Fertile soil and slightly milder climate than the New England colonies allowed for better farming Larger tracts of land produced bigger harvests Grew larger quantities of wheat and other CASH CROPS (crops that could be sold in markets in colonies and overseas to get more money )

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Numerous industries were established in the Middle Colonies Carpentry and flour making Lumbering, mining, and small-scale manufacturing

Take Quiz 1.3 Access the quiz through Mrs. Betz’s website:

Take Quiz 1.3 Access the quiz through Mrs. Betz ’ s website