Colonial America Pt 2

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New England Colonies:

New England Colonies


VOCAB TERMS: Persecute Puritan Pilgrim Mayflower Compact Subsistence farming

Demand for religious freedom:

Demand for religious freedom In England, the King had established the Protestant Anglican Church as the official church The church grew very corrupt and greedy 1 All others were PERSECUTED - treated harshly 2 PURITANS - Wanted reform in the church SEPARITISTS - Wanted to separate from the church 3

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Separitists a.k.a. PILGRIMS Made arrangements with the Virginia Company to come to North America 1 Separitists planned on Virginia, but landed in Cape Cod, MA 2 Plymouth Wrote MAYFLOWER COMPACT - 1st government written in North America to provide order


Massachusetts Created by Puritans Royal colony Elected group of officials ran the colony All adult male landowners voted for the governor and the representatives in the colonial legislature Most settlers were in Boston


Connecticut South of Massachusetts Soil was better for farming than in MA Adopted a plan of government - Fundamental Orders of CT 1st Written Constitution in America

Rhode Island:

Rhode Island Official royal charter came in 1644 Created by colonists who were forced out of MA due to their religion Everyone in RI had religious freedom due to their previous experiences

Economic Activities :

Economic Activities Many small farms due to soil conditions Practiced SUBSISTENCE FARMING - Producing just enough to meet the needs of the family, with little left over to sell or exchange Relied on families for labor on the farms Many small businesses in the towns Used waterpower (from the many nearby streams) to run mills

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Women sold cloth garments, candles, or soap for additional income Large towns had many skilled craftsmen Shipbuilding, lumber, and fishing were important industries in the New England colonies

Take Quiz 1.2 Access the quiz through Mrs. Betz’s website:

Take Quiz 1.2 Access the quiz through Mrs. Betz ’ s website