Colonial America Pt 1

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Colonial Settlements:

Colonial Settlements VOCAB TERMS: Burgesses

Three Types of Colonies in America:

Three Types of Colonies in America CHARTER COLONIES – Established by groups of settlers given the right to start a colony by the king PROPRIETERY COLONIES – One man or group of men granted land by the king ROYAL COLONIES – Britain/the King directly ruled these colonies

Jamestown Settlement:

Jamestown Settlement December 1606 - Virginia Company sent 144 settlers to create a new colony in North America April 1607 - ship entered the Chesapeake Bay and went up the James River By January 1608 only 38 colonists were alive 1

PowerPoint Presentation:

Colonists found no gold or silver John Rolfe however found tobacco Less bitter than that in England Began shipping the new found tobacco to England and around the world John Rolfe

Representative Government:

Representative Government Colonists in the royal colonies lived under strict military rule As the colonies grew, settlers complained about taking orders from London/the King Finally in 1619, many were allowed to have a say in their government BURGESSES - Elected representatives who created laws for the colony

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