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Quid Rotary against & against Rotary?:

Quid Rotary against & against Rotary? by Michel P. Jazzar RI Representative to UN-ESCWA 2006-2012 @ RC Beirut Metropolitan – Lebanon – RI D.2450 April 6, 2011

Quid Rotary Service’s against… & …against Rotary’s Service?:

Quid Rotary Service ’s against… & …against Rotary’s Service ? by Michel P. Jazzar RI Representative to UN-ESCWA 2006-2012 @ RC Beirut Metropolitan – Lebanon – RI D.2450 April 6, 2011

Quid pro quo = Quiproquo:

Quid pro quo = Quiproquo May sometimes be used to define a misunderstanding . Définit un malentendu ou une erreur intervenue dans le cours d'une communication. يعرف بسوء فهم أو خطأ وقع في سياق بلاغ او مناقشة.

Part 1:

Part 1 Rotary against what? Part 2 Why against Rotary? Part 3 How to merge efforts?

Part 1:

Part 1 Rotary against what?

 Community leaders  Responsible stewardship  Strategic, long-term planning  Sustained local and global projects:

Rotary: +1.2 million volunteers  Community leaders  Responsible stewardship  Strategic, long-term planning  Sustained local and global projects “Your financial and material contributions are critical, but even more important are your advocacy and your presence on the ground.” Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General, United Nations

Rotary against what?:

Rotary against what? Drugs (RAD) Alcohol Abuse poliomyelitis Malaria (RAM) Noma Diphtheria Tuberculosis and Lung diseases Road Accidents HIV/AIDS. Hunger Illiteracy Poverty Personal Mines Crime [Public safety projects] Avoidable Blindness (AB) …

Slide 8:

Rotary’s Area of Focus  Basic education and literacy  Disease prevention and treatment  Maternal and child health  Water and sanitation  Economic and community development  Peace and conflict prevention/resolution “I admire the Rotary promise to solve problems that destroy lives and trample dreams and human potential.” Queen Noor al-Hussein of Jordan Because of Rotary’s grassroots organizational structure, Rotary clubs are free to engage in a wide group of humanitarian activities in their local communities and in tandem with clubs around the world.

Total project grants for basic education and literacy since 1999: US$77 million:

Basic Education and Literacy Total project grants for basic education and literacy since 1999: US$77 million The Concentrated Language Encounter (CLE) program – Egypt – Thailand … CLE programs are language/literacy “immersion” programs in which students do new and increasingly more difficult things with spoken and written language in the course of group activity.

Total project grants for disease prevention and treatment since 1999: US$140 million:

Disease Prevention and Treatment “When concerned parents want to know if a vaccine is save, if it is really needed for a child, they trust the answers Rotarians give them.” Margaret Chan, Director General, World Health Organization Total project grants for disease prevention and treatment since 1999: US$140 million

Total project grants for maternal and child health since 1999: US$10 million:

Maternal & Child Health Total project grants for maternal and child health since 1999: US$10 million provide a comprehensive approach to improve maternal health in sub-Saharan Africa

Total project grants for disease water and sanitation since 1999: US$74 million:

Water & Sanitation Total project grants for disease water and sanitation since 1999: US$74 million Engineering governmental schools on a drinking water project in Lebanon

Total project grants for economic and community development since 1999: US$68 million:

Economic & Community Development Total project grants for economic and community development since 1999: US$68 million intensive English language course. build and equip the vocational center. coordinated a micro-credit "Self-help group“ for women

Total grants for peace and conflict resolution since 2002: US$25 million:

Peace & Conflict Resolution/Prevention Total grants for peace and conflict resolution since 2002: US$25 million Since the program’s inception in 2002-03, 400 fellows from more than 60 different countries have participated at a cost of more than $40 million.

Slide 15:

Partnered with six leading universities around the world, establishing five Rotary Centers To advance knowledge and world understanding among potential future leaders ↑ 10 participants per Rotary Center Rotary Centers for International Studies Since 2002-2003, 1 st cohort Master degree: Partnered with six universities

Slide 16:

Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Began in July 2006 Intensive 3-Month Certificate Course Hosted by Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok ↑ 25 participants per session for 2 sessions annually Development Certificate: Partnered with one university

New University for Master degree:

New University for Master degree The 8 th university = the 7 th RPC will be announced @ the International Convention, New Orleans, May 2011

Slide 18:

RI & UN – IO  27 Representatives Network

Slide 19:

While Rotary works with a wide variety of organizations at local or regional levels, Rotary’s key partnerships have global reach. They include: Rotary’s primary partnership is with UNICEF, the CDC and the WHO as part of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. Additionally Rotary has established relationships with The Gates Foundation and Google as part of our polio eradication effort. Rotary was listed by the UN Global Compact as one of the top five NGOs for partnerships. The Dollywood Foundation UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund. Goodwill International- International Reading Association – Key Partners

UN agencies and other NGOs for collaboration:

UN agencies and other NGOs for collaboration Because RI maintains consultative status with the United Nations, individual Rotary clubs, districts, or groups should not pursue registration with the United Nations . If you are interested in working with a United Nations agency or affiliate, please consult with the RI Representatives to the United Nations and Other Organizations.

Strategic Partnerships To Date:

Strategic Partnerships To Date • 174 organizations have undergone initial screening • Of these organizations, more than 140 were recommended by Rotarians • 19 have begun in-depth due diligence • 2 have been approved by the Trustees and are in final stages of negotiations

Ending Polio Forever:

“With Rotary’s help, we’re very close to accomplishing the goal of eradicating polio worldwide. Ann M. Veneman, Executive Director, UNICEF Ending Polio Forever $900+ million committed to June 30, 2010 Ending Polio Forever

PolioPlus Accomplishments:

PolioPlus Accomplishments PolioPlus - initiated by Rotary in 1985- is the largest private-public health initiative in history. Rotary led collaboration with partner organizations such as the World Health Organization and UNICEF. Rotary has committed over $900 million for global polio eradication. 99% decline in cases since 1985 (fewer than 1200 cases in 2010).

Slide 24:

Polio in Nigeria A concern to Neighboring Countries Benin Cameroon Central African Republic Ivory Coast Botswana Burkina Faso Chad Ghana Togo Sudan Mali Guinea 12 previously polio-free countries in 2009-10 have suffered importations from Nigeria

~ 2,4 billion US $ spent since 1917:

Program Description Amount spent Since year Basis Education/Literacy 77 Million US $ 1999 Disease Preventive and treatment 140 Million US $ 1999 Maternal & Child health 10 Million US $ 1999 Water & Sanitation 74 Million US $ 1999 Economic & Community development 68 Million US $ 1999 Peace $ Conflict resolution 68 Million US $ 95 Million US $ 2002-2003 2015 Polio Plus accomplishments +900 Million US $ 1985 Group Study Exchange +109 Million US $ >13065 teams 1965 Ambassadorial Scholarships 490 Million US $ >40000 scholars 1947 Grants University teachers 4.5 Million US $ 1985-2009 District Simplified Grants 21 Million US $ >1900 grants 2003-2004 Matching Grants 291 Million US $ 29242 MGs – 171 countries year 2007-08 1965 3H Program +88 Million US $ 324 projects – 77 countries year 2007-08 1978 TRF - All programs ~2,4 Billion US $ 1917 ~ 2,4 billion US $ spent since 1917

Slide 26:

+ 1,227,563 Rotarians in +200 Countries* are doing good in the world *(as of 30 June 2010)

Contributions to The Rotary Foundation RY 2009-2010 :

Contributions to The Rotary Foundation RY 2009-2010 $268.5 million, including: $151.6 million to the PolioPlus Fund $100.4 million to the Annual Programs Fund $10.5 million to the Permanent Fund $6.0 million to other funds 1,243,082 PHFellows [Since 1957] 3/29/2011 Copyright© Rotary International. All Rights Reserved. 27

Part 2:

Part 2 Why against Rotary?

History of the misunderstanding:

History of the misunderstanding

Spain 1928:

Spain 1928 In 1928 several Spanish bishops declared that Rotary was "nothing else but a new satanic organization with the same background and teachings of masonry" and deemed it "a suspected organization" that "should be considered as execrable and perverse."


Campaign against Rotary waged in 1928-29 by Rome's potent Jesuit magazine, Civiltà Cattolica . In many countries, the magazine charged, Rotary was altogether too friendly with the Masons, and was dangerously prone to the error of treating all religions as of equal value. Read more:,9171,888919,00.html#ixzz14gAYKAjY,9171,888919,00.html Vatican

Vatican -cont:

[January 1951] The Vatican dropped a stick of ecclesiastical high explosive. [ Sceau Papal N°684 on 20.12.1950] No Roman Catholic priest , decreed the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office, may henceforth [in the future] be a member of Rotary or attend Rotary meetings. Read more:,9171,888919,00.html#ixzz14gBhp7Ni Vatican -cont

Islamic countries.:

Islamic countries. La 11 ème résolution de l’Organisation de la Conférence Islamique , réunie à la Mecque en mars 1974 sous la présidence du roi Fayçal Ibn Abdelaziz, a porté sur « l’interdiction des sectes maçonniques dont le Rotary… » Some Arab regimes [ Rotary assimilated to US organization ] Muslim fundamentalists: Indonesia, Hamas [Articles 17, 22], AlQaida...

Where does all this leave Rotary clubs in the Islamic world today? It's a mixed picture. :

Where does all this leave Rotary clubs in the Islamic world today? It's a mixed picture. While it may be because of general anti-Western sentiment rather than specific fears of Rotarian menace, Rotary has had trouble operating in some Muslim areas. Several years ago the polio eradication campaign led by Rotary ran into resistance in Muslim regions of Nigeria amid rumors that the vaccine would sterilize children. Rotary has no outposts in much of the Middle East, including: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, and Iraq. At the same time, Rotary is quietly thriving in parts of the Islamic world. There are about 100 clubs in Indonesia, more than 80 clubs in Turkey, 75 in Egypt, 24 in Lebanon, 10 in Jordan, 2 in Dubai and even 1 in Palestine… 1 st Lady Egypt is sponsored the Rotary Peace Seminar -2011 HM Queen Noor of Jordan support to the Polio Campaign and was a lecturer at the 2010 RI Convention

Why this confusion with freemasonry?:

Why this confusion with freemasonry?

Slide 36: Erasure of lodges Twenty-one lodges have closed as follows: Pembroke Lodge No. 1299 (West Lancashire); Peckham Lodge No. 1475 (London); Selwyn Lodge No. 1901 (London); Stanley of Preston Lodge No. 2600 (West Lancashire); Wimbledon Lodge No. 3160 (Surrey); City of London St Olave’s Lodge No. 3213 (London). Stockport Lodge No. 3656 (Cheshire); Rotarian Lodge No. 4195 (London); Old Hall Lodge No. 4601 (West Lancashire); Acanthus Lodge No. 4624 (West Lancashire); East Croydon Lodge No. 4667 (Surrey); Tolworth Lodge No. 5462 (Surrey); Hanworth Park Lodge No. 5634 (Middlesex); Handforth Lodge No. 5850 (Cheshire). Cyclist Filia Lodge No. 6409 (Surrey); Maeldune Lodge No. 6839 (Surrey); Lodge of Harmony No. 6888 (Warwickshire); Holders Hill Lodge No. 6908 (London); Kirkstone Lodge No. 7498 (West Lancashire); Hundred of Stoke Lodge No. 8345 (Buckinghamshire); Seven Sisters Lodge No. 8539 (Sussex).

Current Hamas and Catholic church’s former attitudes v/s Rotary and similar organizations.:

Current Hamas and Catholic church’s former attitudes v/s Rotary and similar organizations. Hamas' attitude toward Rotary is very similar to the Catholic church's attitude during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s when the Rome church listed Rotary as a subversive organization and forbid priests from joining clubs (although many did, appreciating that Rome was wrong.)

How Rotary could be against itself?:

How Rotary could be against itself?

Rotary against itself? :

Informed on regular basis Vigilant/Alert Helpful/effective/enthusiastic Transparent/stewardship Responding to community needs Communicating/open to others Enhancing PR/Media/Non Rotarians lecturers-- best relations Partners with NGOs – Corporations – Local & International associations – Universities - Schools … Cooperating with local governance and Ministries… Reporting to Club/ DG/ RI and TRF of any misconceptions Respecting the national regulations Rotary against itself? If we are not: YES …

History of understanding:

History of understanding

History of understanding:

With the Vatican History of understanding

Response to Vatican [years 1929-1951]:

Response to Vatican [years 1929-1951] When the Pope Speaks. Most U.S. Rotarians felt that there must be some mistake. Said the president of RI 1950-51, Arthur Lagueux , a Quebec investment broker and a Roman Catholic: " Rotary is not a secret organization. It does not seek to supplant or interfere with any religious or political organization. It assumes that its program of service is in accord with all religions, and it does not concern itself with a Rotarian's politics ." Read more:,9171,888919,00.html#ixzz14gB7DihP

Rotary declaration:

Catholic President of RI 50-51, Arthur Lagueux , and the Rotarian Catholic Bishop of Fort Wayne, Indiana, who publicly declared the decree " quite incomprehensible ". The Vatican began to retract . The official newspaper ' Osservatore Romano' wrote "In some nations , because of a prevalent Masonic influx , the action of Rotary Clubs has conflicted with the activity and the needs of the Church .  …” By the end of the decade , the Catholic Truth Society was able to declare that " Rotary is neither secret nor seditious ". Rotary declaration Read more:,9171,888919,00.html#ixzz14gB7DihP

Slide 44:

1970 Pope Pius VI addressed Rotarians in Italy . 1979 Pope John Paul II spoke to the International Convention in Rome , praising some of Rotary's humanitarian programmes at a special audience in the Vatican . Later [1982] Pope John Paul II accepted a Paul Harris Fellowship and a World Understanding and Peace Award from Rotary. Catholic priests throughout the world were taking positions of authority , even serving as District Governors .

Slide 45:

The relationship between Rotary and the church began to warm in 1979, when Pope John Paul II publicly endorsed Rotary's humanitarian projects.

End of misconception with Christian religion:

End of misconception with Christian religion -Clubs are increasing in every Catholic country, the churches opposition to Rotary is nearly non-existent, -Catholic charities gains substantial sums from the generosity from Rotary charities. -Clubs have implemented many projects with Christian associations. -Clubs have welcomed as guest speakers bishops, etc…

History of understanding:

History of understanding ElAzhar - Egypt

Slide 48:

Late sheikh ElAzhar Mohamed Tantawi Tantawi was the first Sheikh of al- Azhar to attend conferences hosted by groups such as the Rotary Club , which have long been considered as suspect by many conservatives Muslims who consider them as beachheads for Freemasonry and its deism (and also because of the role Freemason-inspired secret societies played in politics under the monarchy.) D.2450 Magazine #347, September-October 1996

Rotary and KSA:

Rotary and KSA Ambassador of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, shaikh Hisham el Nazer (accompanied by his wife, Mrs.Amira) , was a speaker at RC Cairo Royal, Tuesday 12th May, at Le Pacha, 7.30 p.m. Saudi Arabia now requires proof of OPV for entry visas. Polio vaccine requirement for travel reduces risk of importations

Slide 50:

"Polio Eradication Champion" Award by the Rotary International” The S.G. of the Organization of the Islamic Conference Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu was honored with the prestigious "Polio Eradication Champion" Award by the Rotary International as a recognition of  his extra-ordinary personal contribution and outstanding leadership as the Secretary General of the OIC to the cause of eradicating polio from the face of the earth. The award was given at the inaugural session, in Kuala Lumpur, of the first OIC Health Ministers Conference on 14 June 2007.


Articles زهير جابر القاضي حريص معوض

Current Islamic countries former attitudes v/s Rotary and similar organizations:

Current Islamic countries former attitudes v/s Rotary and similar organizations Rotary is growing in Muslim countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Arab Emirates, Egypt, Palestine … and the list goes on. We would hope that other Islamic/Arab countries & Hamas will understand that it is not the danger to them, and that Rotary is not a Zionist and Freemason organization and that it is not controlled by Zionist or freemasons. May be the re-install of Rotary in Palestine will help for more understanding of the humanitarian vision of RI.

How can we help to increase understanding of Rotary?:

How can we help to increase understanding of Rotary? Keep serving our communities, Share your Club’s projects with other Associations, NGOs, … Community Reachout, Rotary Public image/PR: HIM – Beirut Marathon - Polio lightings – Projects, Communication/Media/Internet: ARP, Press releases, Interviews Invitation to Clubs regular meetings Be knowledgeable in Rotary: Attend meetings, local seminars, District & International conventions… Read and learn, Surf on the Internet.

Bringing matters to the RI Board of Directors:

Bringing matters to the RI Board of Directors What else?

Why Rotarians are of influence?:

Why Rotarians are of influence?

Bringing matters to the RI Board of Directors:

Bringing matters to the RI Board of Directors Items submitted for consideration by the Board may emanate from the following sources: Individual Rotary clubs (by memorial, which is a petition to the RI Board for action on a specific matter) Rotary district conferences Rotary institutes (for present, past, and incoming RI officers) Council on Legislation RI committees Trustees of The Rotary Foundation General Council of RIBI Current and past RI general officers, including the general secretary Current RI officers Any committee of the Board Other than the above-named people and groups, individuals may not submit items for the agenda of Board meetings.

Council on Legislation/3years:

Council on Legislation/3years Every club and district is entitled to propose legislation to the Council on Legislation, including resolutions, which make recommendations to the RI Board. New MoP

المادة 4 – الهدف :

المادة 4 – الهدف يهدف الروتاري إلى تشجيع وتعزيز مثال الخدمة الأعلى باعتبارها أساس المؤسسة الجديرة بالثقة، وعلى وجه الخصوص تشجيع وتعزيز : أولاً: تطوير المعرفة الشخصيّة كسبيل الى الخدمة ، ثانياً: التعامل الأخلاقيّ الرفيع في مجال الأعمال والحياة المهنية، ومعرفة قيمة الوظائف المفيدة واحترام وظيفة كلّ روتاريّ واعتبارها كوسيلة ل خدمة المجتمع، ثالثاً: تطبيق هدف ال خدمة في الحياة الشخصية والعمليّة والإجتماعيّة لكلّ روتاريّ، رابعاً: تعزيزالتفاهم العالمي والنية الحسنة والسلام من خلال روح الزمالة العالمية بين رجال/سيدات الأعمال وأصحاب المهن، الذين اتحدوا في سبيل تحقيق هدف الخدمة .


ديكارت يعتقد ديكارت أن الله يشبه العقل من حيث إن الله والعقل يفكران ولكن ليس لهما وجود مادي أو جسمي، إلا أن الله يختلف عن العقل بأنه غير محدود، وأنه لا يعتمد في وجوده على خالق آخر، ويقول:" إنني أدرك بجلاء ووضوح وجود إله قدير وخير لدرجة لا حدود لها ". نظرية المعرفة شك ديكارت في المعرفة الحسية سواء منها الظاهرة أو الباطنة، وكذلك في المعرفة المتأتية من عالم اليقظة، كما شك في قدرة العقل الرياضي على الوصول إلى المعرفة، وشك في وجوده، ووجود العالم الحسي، إلى أن أصبح شكه دليلا عنده على الوجود، فقال " كلما شككت ازددت تفكيرا فازددت يقينا بوجودي ".

ماذا يعني ان نكون؟:

ماذا يعني ان نكون؟ جمهوري = الشأن العام = المواطنة وجود المواطن أو المواطنة ، تحت نظرية التعاقد الاجتماعي ، يحمل كلاً منهم الحقوق والمسؤوليات." الوطنية الفعالة Active citizenship هي الفلسفة التي تعتقد أنه ينبغي لكل فرد من أفراد المجتمع العمل من أجل تحسين أوضاعها في جماعة مشتركة من خلال المشاركة الاقتصادية، والخدمة العامة ،و العمل التطوعي ، وغير ذلك من الجهود الرامية التي تؤدي إلى تحسين الحياة من أجل جميع المواطنين. وفي هذا السياق، المدرسة ) مادة تختص في التربية الوطنية . ديمقراطي = الشأن الخاص = خصوصية الفرد الديمقراطية تعني في الأصل حكم الشعب لنفسه و تؤكد على حماية حقوق الأقليّات والأفراد.

الروتاري, او كيف نأنسن العولمة بالعمل معاً , من ضمن احترام خصوصية الأفراد , لأجل الخير العام .:

الروتاري, او كيف نأنسن العولمة بالعمل معاً , من ضمن احترام خصوصية الأفراد , لأجل الخير العام .

Résumé: Puzzle’s concept:

Résumé: Puzzle’s concept Keep yourself informed and inform others. Know your community needs Brainstorm on Club[s]/District/International levels Media support Develop your Club’s relations [Invite, Explain, Ask] Community outreach Common projects with associations/NGOs/corporations Partnership with UN and IOs Be involved in the Rotary Arab countries PR strategy Be a resource Remain alert Bringing matters to the Club’s Board / DG Bringing matters to the RI Board of Directors

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