3H - Blood Bank of Zgharta-Zawie by Michel Jazzar

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3H PROGRAM BLOOD BANK ZGHARTA-ZAWIE LEBANON – RI D.2450 PP Dr. Michel P. JAZZAR Primary Contact for Project #99-22

Blood Bank of Zgharta-Zawié:

Blood Bank of Zgharta-Zawié The First 3H Project District 2450

3-H Purpose:

3-H Purpose Fund long-term (2-5 years) international development projects to improve health , alleviate hunger , or enhance development through self-help activities.

Health, Hunger & Humanity Grants (3H):

Health, Hunger & Humanity Grants (3H) 3-H Grants support major Fund long-term (2-5 years) , large-scale, projects that enhance health, help alleviate hunger or improve human development. Grants range from US $100,000 to $300,000 and require the sponsoring club/district to raise together 10% of the project budget. Planning grants offset the planning costs for proposed projects which will meet 3-H criteria but need further development.


Amount provided by TRF: $ 100,0000 $ 300,000 Amount required from sponsors : 10% (up to $25,000) Funding

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Internationality - partnership between clubs and/or districts in at least two countries. Significant Rotarian Involvement. Financial Stewardship. Basic Humanitarian Programs Criteria

Application: i.e Blood Bank:

Application: i.e Blood Bank • Step 1: Submit preliminary proposal letter to TRF ( date 31-01-1998 ) • Step 1-a: (Optional) Apply for a 3-H Planning Grant (6 months to 1 year in duration). Contact Foundation staff for further information ( unused ) • Step 2: Submit a 3-H Grant Application to TRF ( date27-09-1998 ).

Queries and Site’s Visits:

Queries and Site’s Visits Queries from TRF to RC ZZ & D.1750 ( 15-09-1998 ) and our reply 20-12-1998 . Queries (11 questions) to RV PP. Dr. Sandip Salokhe ( Pathologist ). Visit site’s project by RV Salokhe ( 26-28 March 1999 ). Project awarded by Trustees ( 19 April 1999 ). Payments between 18 February and 5 April 2000 . Project launched 1 st May 2000 . Final Report and Report every 6 months. Queries (11 questions) from PP. L. Emond ( Auditor ) Visit RV PP. Lionel Emond ( 17-22 July 2001 ). Visit of PP Amr Abassy ( 28–30 January 2002 )

Rotarian visitors BB were coming from::

Rotarian visitors BB were coming from: France USA Egypt Bahrain India Canada Lebanon


Deadlines • Step 1: Preliminary Proposal: 1 January or 1 July. (BB ZZ date 31-01-1998 July 1998 ) • Step 2: 3-H Application: 15 March or 15 September. (BB ZZ date 27-09-1998 15 March 1999 )

Project’s Criteria:

Project’s Criteria 1-Must benefit a large number of people ( 300.000 Inhabitants, large area of North-Lebanon ) 2-Be of a self-help for Success nature ( c/o reports ) 3-Involve a significant number of Rotarians in at least two countries RC Zgharta-Zawié & D.1750 (France) 4-Be clearly identified as Rotary-supported (examples) 5-Be initiated, controlled, and implemented by Rotarians (3H Administrative Committee 3 years) 6-Be self-sustaining after grant funding has ended (CHN).


Decision Trustees review applications: October/November and March/April (BB ZZ’s: 19 April 1999 )

3H Grant will not cover::

3H Grant will not cover: Purchase of land, or substantial buildings (existing or construction) payment of operations or administrative expenses for another organization, seminars, conferences, or international exchanges.

TRF Trustees 28-29 June 2001:

TRF Trustees 28-29 June 2001 TRF Trustees have placed a moratorium on new 3-H Grants application until funds are available

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The Rotary Foundation Support TRF Most of us are committed to the ideals of Rotary service. We all put a lot of time and energy into our projects, helping with both local and international needs. But some of us may not stop to realize that our Rotary Foundation is a charity . . . It needs regular annual giving, just like our church . . . and a healthy permanent fund will ensure we can continue to shine the light of hope on those areas of despair, in the dark corners of the world. Through this presentation, I hope you have developed a better understanding of how your Rotary Foundation works, . . . and that you will commit to support our Foundation and it's programs generously. Please Support The Rotary Foundation

Paul Harris Fellows Credit:

Paul Harris Fellows Credit Q: can a Club get PHF credit for funds contributed to a specific 3-H project? A: YES. Co-sponsors are eligible for PHF recognition when making their 10% contribution. RC ZZ = 9 PHFs+ 1 PHSM

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Additional collaboration and help for the accomplishment of the project were provided by: 190700,00 $US Zgharta-Zawié Rotary Club ( 9535,00 $US ) RI District 1750, France ( 9535,00 $US ) TRF of RI ( 171630,00 $US ) Centre Hospitalier du Nord ( Location, Doctors and Technicians Team, Management …)

Equipment of the Blood Bank (1):

Equipment of the Blood Bank (1) Equipment for the blood extraction process, featuring chairs, beds, and other conservation machines. Lab equipment for blood analysis, used for the determination of blood groups, and of the possible presence of bacterial and viral infections like: Aids, Hepatitis of all kinds, Syphilis, Malaria... and tests for matching blood compatibility with the patient in need for the transfer.

Equipment of the Blood Bank (2):

Equipment of the Blood Bank (2) Equipment used to separate and extract different blood elements (RBC's, Plaquettes, Plasma), and cases for treatment: Transfusional exchange, Plasmapherosis, Hypercholesteromia...). Equipment for blood treatment presenting immunological counter reactions. Special coolers and refrigerators for blood and blood derivatives conservations.

SIX-MONTH PROGRESS REPORT (Appendix D) Blood Bank in Lebanon June 1, 2000 to November 30, 2000:

SIX-MONTH PROGRESS REPORT (Appendix D ) Blood Bank in Lebanon June 1, 2000 to November 30, 2000 A. General Project Information . B. Please give a concise narrative description of the project's progress during the period covered by this report.. C. Project details ( 13 Queries ). D. Signatures . 3-H EXPENDITURES Report-- Current Reporting Period. 3-H SPENDING Plan — For The next 6 Months.


ORGANIGRAMME La Banque du sang fonctionne 24h sur 24 sous la direction de: *Dr.Walid MOKADEM: Médecin Hématologue *Dr. Nabil CHAMESSEDINE: Medecin Hématologue. *Dr. Salam EL SAMAD: Pharmacien - Biologiste. Techniciens: 4 techniciens diplomés : Licence en Sciences de laboratoire: donc -2 personnes à statut temps plein .Ces 2 personnes assurent le travail de la journée. -2 personnes pour la garde la nuit.

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