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What are the Rotary scholarships? How many kinds? How to apply? Is there a chart resume? Here is the most updated and comprehensive ppt on the subject. By Michel P. Jazzar, RI Representative to United Nations-ESCWA, Beirut Lebanon. This presentation was updated 3rd of February 2014.


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Rotary Scholarships Michel P. Jazzar Rotary International Representative to United Nations - ESCWA -2013-2014-

Start planning for 2014 and 2015:

Start planning for 2014 and 2015 Rotary Scholarships

Learning session:

Learning session To know different types of scholarships: Club District The Rotary Foundation: Global Grants Packaged Grants Peace Fellowships

The RI Board and The Rotary Foundation Trustees have approved the following grants as tangible and effective means of furthering the objectives of the Foundation (*)::

The RI Board and The Rotary Foundation Trustees have approved the following grants as tangible and effective means of furthering the objectives of the Foundation (*): Rotary Foundation district grants Rotary Foundation global grants Rotary Foundation packaged grants Rotary Centers in peace and conflict resolution (*) MoP 2013 – page 49

PowerPoint Presentation:

Rotary * forges partnerships with like-minded groups – from community nonprofits to the United Nations – that make us stronger and more successful at what we do. * @different levels: Club, District, International

through scholarships,:

through scholarships, Help promising students become leaders and experts in fields focused on sustainable change . Cultivate relationships in your community Mentor some outstanding scholars .

Club grant scholarship/s:

Club grant scholarship/s Club “scholarship committee”. Survey of members Club funds Club scholarship criteria. Club application form for scholar/s Interview for applicant/s Club administration and follow up. MoU is designed by club if seeking partner/s

Club grant scholarship/s:

Club grant scholarship/s Administered by Club leaders, give clubs the flexibility to create their own scholarship program and decide what types of scholars they want to fund. The Club’s Board will establish a club scholarship committee to help review MoU [if any with partner/s], applications and communicate with scholars throughout their study.

How to finance?  Club:

How to finance?  Club Fundraising Club Endowment Funds

How to finance?  partners:

How to finance?  partners Other Rotary Clubs School/s and/or University/ ies partner/s Local governance/governmental institutions NGOs/UN/IO/CIO Corporate …………..

Criteria: kind of scholars:

Consider: community needs, what you want to achieve, location, level of study, age range ………… Criteria: kind of scholars

Criteria: Types of scholarship/s-1:

Clubs should consider the following in creating a Club scholarship: What criteria will you use to evaluate prospective scholars? Will you fund a particular field of study ? Will the application be open to local or international study, or both? What will be the amount of the award? Will the award cover tuition, travel, and living expenses? Criteria: Types of scholarship/s-1

Criteria: Types of scholarship/s-2:

Scholarships can range from short-term studies in your community to a graduate degree program abroad. A summer music camp for secondary school students in your area Two years of tuition for an undergraduate student studying e.g. history A degree program for a graduate student studying abroad whose career goal is e.g. public health Criteria: Types of scholarship/s-2

Scholar/s: Club’s expectations:

Scholar/s: Club’s expectations Do presentations for Rotarians at RCs/district meetings and other events, Be an example for Universities’ students . Submit a written report as a feedback about the scholarship Become involved with Rotary, Rotaract, Interact in the community where they will study.

District Grant scholarship/s:

District Grant scholarship/s District optional “scholarship committee”. District scholarship criteria/ AF/interview. District’s administration and follow up. District 2452 Grant scholarships for RY …-…( if any ) will be revealed at TRF Grant Management Seminar

Global Grants or Packaged Grants:

Global Grants or Packaged Grants 1- Scholarships Rotary’s AOF [1 year] 2- UNESCO-IHE [MSc, 2 years] 3- Aga Khan University [ VTT ] on hold ~2014 4- Peace Fellowships [M/C-PCR] [World competition] 5- Economic and community development- OikoCredit [relationship with Oikocredit expires] GG are matched by the World Fund PG are 100% World Fund Rotaractors are eligible to participate Rolling basis Worldwide competition

Scholarships 6 AOF:

Scholarships 6 AOF Support graduate studies in one of Rotary’s AOF The minimum grant amount is US$30,000+ . Funded using cash and/or DDF allocations and are matched by WF Rolling basis throughout the year. Before you submit the proposal :  Coordinator for Districts 2451 and 2452: Anne Marie Giangiulio [email protected] rolling basis


UNESCO-IHE UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education Up to 16 MSc scholarships were awarded for 2013-14 Applications must be completed electronically Completed applications must be received by TRF from sponsor Rotarians no later than 15 July of the year in which studies begin. MSc in Municipal Water and Infrastructure MSc in Water Management MSc in Water Science and Engineering To determine your eligibility  [email protected] Worldwide competition

Creating future water leaders with Rotary:

Creating future water leaders with Rotary UNESCO-IHE – 1 st batch RY 2012-13 insight in their situation back home. how their MSc specialization can contribute to the development of their countries. Rotary’s support for 8MSc

UNESCO-IHE – 2nd batch RY 2013-14:

The 2 nd batch of Rotary-sponsored UNESCO-IHE students have now been selected. Following the great success of the 1 st batch, Rotary has decided to support 16MSc . The students of the 2 nd batch are coming from Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Bolivia, Swaziland, Uganda, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Liberia. The students arrived in Delft campus “The Netherlands” mid-October to start their MSc . UNESCO-IHE – 2 nd batch RY 2013-14

Community Outreach:

Community Outreach RC Kesrouan, Lebanon, D.2452. Special issue Feb. 2014 Intent for universities

UNESCO-IHE – 3rd batch RY 2014-15:

UNESCO-IHE – 3 rd batch RY 2014-15 Starting 15 th July 2014 UNESCO-IHE – 4 th batch RY 2015-16 Starting 15 th July 2015

Steps: applicant (1), sponsor (2)(4)+(7), TRF (5)+(6) :

Steps: applicant (1), sponsor (2)  (4)+(7), TRF (5)+(6) (1) Students admitted to UNESCO-IHE’s eligible programs seek the sponsorship of their local Rotary club or district by submitting a scholar application to the potential sponsor. (2) The potential sponsor receives and reviews the application and the terms and conditions. (3) Rotarians interview the scholarship candidate and make a decision about sponsorship of the applicant. (4) The sponsor submits a full application online no later than 15 July of the year that the scholarship candidate’s program begins. (5) The Rotary Foundation reviews the application [ selection panel ]. (6) The Foundation awards a scholarship if funding is available. (7) The sponsor submits a progress report after the scholar’s first year of the program and a final report

Where to apply? – Club’s sponsor:

RI web  Member access TRF Grants Packaged Grants  Apply for “UNESCO-IHE fellowship” Where to apply? – Club’s sponsor

UNESCO-IHE Resources:

UNESCO-IHE Resources A.F 2014 -Rotary Scholarship for Water and Sanitation Professionals Application Form and Toolkit -Rotary Scholarship for Water and Sanitation Professionals First steps -Rotary Scholarship for Water and Sanitation Professionals Terms and Conditions Web & Social media Web: FB:

RPC - Generality:

RPC - Generality The first class of Rotary Peace Fellows started in 2002. The first class graduated in 2004. The first class of the certificate program started in 2006. The average cost is $75,000 for the two-year fellowship. The cost covers tuition, fees, incidentals, housing, and transportation. The three-month certificate program costs are approximately US$11,000 per fellowship.

Peace Fellowships:

Peace Fellowships “2014 Application” for academic years 2015-16 and 2016-17: Professional Certificate Development program: [up to 50 students/year/1 Rotary Center] Master’s degree program: [up to 50 students/2 years/6 Universities/5 Rotary Centers] Class 13 [TRF Peace program for the 13 th year] Worldwide competition


Conditions-1 A minimum of 3 years must pass between the completion date of a RPF (certificate program) or Ambassadorial Scholarship, and the date of application for a RPF (master’s degree), Former Peace Fellows (certificate program) and Ambassadorial Scholars are eligible to apply for the Peace Fellowship (master’s program).


Conditions-2 Each Rotary district or non-districted club is permitted to submit to The Rotary Foundation a particular candidate’s endorsed application for either an Ambassadorial Scholarship or a Rotary Peace Fellowship annually, but not for both scholarship types in the same program year.


Conditions-3 A three-year waiting period is required for scholarship recipients under both global grants and district grants prior to applying for the Rotary Peace Fellowship.

Peace Fellowships:

Peace Fellowships Professional Certificate Development program: Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience with full-time employment in a mid- to upper-level position Proficiency in English Strong academic background Length of study: 3 months 2/3 weeks of field study incorporated into curriculum [AFE=Application Field Experience] Master’s degree program: -Minimum 3 years of combined paid or unpaid full-time relevant work experience -Proficiency in English and recommended second language proficiency -A bachelor’s degree or equivalent Length of study: 15-24 months (varies by university) - 2/3 months of practical internship during academic break [AFE=Application Field Experience]

Peace Fellow: AFE @ ESCWA:

Peace Fellow: AFE @ ESCWA Ana Paula Calil - Brazil RPF at Duke-UNC Rotary Center for International Studies in peace and conflict resolution, Masters in International Development Policy, Duke University area of interest : policy recommendations to countries in the ME for governance & decentralization

RPF- D.2452 Committee 13-14:

RPF- D.2452 Committee 13-14 Chairman: Michel P. Jazzar Members: Armenia: NA  to deal with the TRF Country Chairperson Bahrain: Fouad Abu Samra  Cyprus: to deal with the DDG Georgia: NA  to deal with the TRF Country Chairperson Jordan : Wael Aklouk  Lebanon: Michel P. Jazzar  Palestine: Wael Aklouk  UAE: Markus Lechtermann Sudan: NA  to deal with the DDG

D.2452 AF 2015-17 deadlines:

D.2452 AF 2015-17 deadlines Candidates fill application during January 2014 , Clubs endorse the application by 1 st March 2014 , Ongoing interviews February  March 2014 District interviews and selection  April 3-6, 2014. District endorsement should be sent to RI before 1 st July 2014 . D.2452: RPF SC Michel P. Jazzar: [email protected] The Rotary Foundation : [email protected] or [email protected]

February 2014 RPF D.2452 Newsletter:

February 2014 RPF D.2452 Newsletter

RPF Resources:

RPF Resources Publications: - Application Form – 083en - Rotary Peace Fellowships – 084en - “Peace is possible” – 850en For more information on the RPF: English: French: Social Media: Facebook: AF 2015 Find more information: [email protected]

Candidates’ interview and selection are conducted by:

Candidates’ interview and selection are conducted by DG 2013-14 IPDG 2012-13 DGE 2014-15 DRFC 2013-14 RPF-DSCC 2013-14 3 Rotarians or non Rotarians experts Jamil Mouawad Usama Barghouti Khalil Al Sharif Usama Barghouti Michel P. Jazzar - ………………………………. - ………………………………. - ……………………………….

Economic and community development-OikoCredit:

Economic and community development- OikoCredit Relationship with Oikocredit expires.

Aga Khan University:

Aga Khan University This Packaged Grant is currently on hold

Aga Khan University:

Aga Khan University Training Health Educators: Area of focus:   Maternal and child health Award amount:   US$20,000-$30,000 per vocational training team . Up to three grants will be awarded annually.   Nursing Scholarships: Area of focus:  Maternal and child health Award amount:  US$11,000 average cost for tuition and all related expenses per student for the two-year program


Conditions Countries eligible: all qualified Rotary clubs and districts Application: online submission through RI member access: ENGLISH , the language of the AKU campuses in East Africa. This PG is currently on hold . TRF expects that the next VTT will travel some time in 2014.   Questions may be sent to: [email protected] Packaged Grants Senior Coordinator | Partnerships



Rotary GG-PG-PF scholarships:

Rotary GG-PG-PF scholarships Scholarships 6 AOF Unlimited WF matched => need for District sponsor DDF ICCs G G 30000$+ Ongoing RY UNESCO-IHE 8  16 MSc 100% WF Deadline 15 July Online World competition P A R T N E R S P G 25000€ 15 th July 2014 for 2014-16 Peace Fellowships  50 Masters  50 Certificates 100% WF Deadline 1st July Online World competition 75000$ ~ 11000 $ 1 st July 2014 for 2015-17 P F by Michel P. Jazzar, RI representative to United Nations-ESCWA – Feb 2014


References Foundation scholarships fact sheet -July 2013 Global Grant Scholarship supplement Rotary scholar flier Best Practices for District Grant scholarships Information about regional scholar orientation seminars Additional resources about scholarships

PowerPoint Presentation:

BE A ROTARY CHAMPION Rotary Scholarships

[email protected] jazzar1951 /michel.jazzar michel jazzar @jazzar @ /rirunescwa mpjjazzar

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