District 2452 Peace fellowships Subcommittee 2013-14

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Mission, Goals and Strategy of the District 2452 Peace fellowships Subcommittee 2013-14


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Rotary Peace Fellowships:

Rotary Peace Fellowships District 2452 RY 2013-2014 by RPF sc Chair Michel P. Jazzar

What is the Rotary Peace Fellowship-RPF?:

What is the Rotary Peace Fellowship-RPF? The premier educational program of TRF 2 types of fellowships : a master’s degree program and professional development certificate program. It is intended for individuals: who have chosen a career related to international relations, peace, and conflict resolution; who have work experience in these areas; and who have a commitment to community or international humanitarian service and working for peace.

TRF Areas of Focus:

Peace and conflict prevention/resolution Disease prevention and treatment Water and sanitation Maternal and child health Basic education and literacy Economic and community development TRF Areas of Focus

RPF Subcommittee-RPFsc:

RPF Subcommittee-RPFsc Chairman: Michel P. Jazzar Lebanon: Michel P. Jazzar Cyprus Bahrain-UAE Jordan-Palestine Armenia-Georgia Sudan will be known later on DRFC CRFC RPFC sc Ussama Barghouti Farid Gebran

The subcommittee responsibilities/goals::

The subcommittee responsibilities/goals: Distribute application materials to clubs in the district’s Select qualified fellowship candidates for year 2015 . Conduct orientation for all fellowship recipients [year 2014] Upon request, provide training and guidance to sponsor and/or host counselors. Maintain contact with recipients during the study term [candidates’ years 2013 and 2014] Publicize recipients’ return home [candidates’ years 2013 and 2014] to the media [Press release] and to Rotarians [email communication, lectures at RCs, District conference, TRF seminar]. Connect recipients with the district alumni chair Follow the District 2452 communication plan. Endowed funds up to 25000US$, but not less of 10000$US for the “Jonathan B. Majiyagbe Endowed Fund for Rotary Peace Centers”.

TRF Presidential Funds:

TRF Presidential Funds Special funds within the Endowment Fund have been established in honor of several RIPPs Many of these funds provide general support for the RPCs and RPFs Endowed funds up to 25000US$, but not less of 10000$US for the “Jonathan B. Majiyagbe Endowed Fund for Rotary Peace Centers”. All contributions are welcome. And with an initial contribution of US$1,000 or more [5000$, 10000$, 25000$, to the Endowment Fund (in honor of PRIP Majiyagbe ) you are eligible to receive : Distinctive certificate, Insignia which can be worn in conjunction with a Paul Harris Fellow or other appropriate pin.

TRF D.2452 Committee 2013-14  RPF subcommittee:

TRF D.2452 Committee 2013-14  RPF subcommittee DRFC RPF DG RPF 2012-13 RPF 2011-12 2015 2014/15 2013/14 RPF 2010-11 2012/13 Club President Application form should be signed by: Club President District Governor DRFC OR Chair RPF sc

Communication 2013-14:

Communication 2013-14 RPF sc DCO District Officers Clubs RPF 2011-12 RPF 2012-13 RPF 2010-11 A L U M N I chair Country Officers DGN 2014-15 DGN 2014-15

Signatures, Endorsements:

Signatures, Endorsements APPLICANT’S CERTIFICATION ROTARY CLUB ENDORSEMENT DISTRICT SUBCOMMITTEE INTERVIEW REPORT DISTRICT ENDORSEMENT Email applications attachments must be under 10 MB. Districts will receive a confirmation email of submission and processing. District-endorsed applications for the 2015 Rotary Peace Fellowships competition are due to The Rotary Foundation by 1 July 2014.

D.2452 deadline “Application 2015”:

D.2452 deadline “Application 2015” 1 st March 2014 TRF deadline “Application 2015” 1 st July 2014

Selection Dates:

Selection Dates Club’s Selection: 1 st January 2014  1 st March 2014 District’s Selection: Ongoing  1 st March 2014 World’s Selection: September  October 2014 District’s announcement : 3-6 April 2014 TRF Trustees announcement : December 2014 RPC Selection committee: August  September 2014

CLUBS: Preparing for 2013-14:

CLUBS: Preparing for 2013-14 • Use webinars and resource materials • Build club Rotary Foundation committee • Appoint a RPC/PRC subcommittee • Ask for training and other club’s experience: BCRC • Seek suitable candidates for both master/certificate • Stay updated on Peace Centers • Download “2015 application” on January 2014 • D. 2452 App deadline: 1 st March 2014

Training Plan 2013-14:

Training Plan 2013-14 • Training provided during following meetings: – Club’s level – TRF Seminar – Training seminars – Grant management seminars • Publications updated



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