10 easy facts on the roman empire


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Fact #1 : 

Fact #1 Roman empire covered over 2 million square miles stretching from the Rhine River to Egypt and from to Asia Minor.

Fact #2 : 

Fact #2 Diocletian, Roman emperor (244 – 311) split the roman empire into two parts. (East and West)

Fact #3 : 

Fact #3 Biggest religion during the Roman Empire was Roman-Catholic.

Fact #4 : 

Fact #4 The native language spoken was Latin.

Fact #5 : 

Fact #5 Roman Empire (the western Empire) lasted for 503 years before its collapse on 476 AD and origin on 27 BC.

Fact #6 : 

Fact #6 The Eastern Empire (Byzantine) lasted for 1000 more years.

Fact #7 : 

Fact #7 Julius Caesar was the first ruler of the Roman Empire.

Fact #8 : 

Fact #8 Most trades with the Roman Empire came along the Silk Road.

Fact #9 : 

Fact #9 The collapse of the Roman Empire was due to its rapid growth. It failed to defend its territories against the Barbarians.

Fact #10 : 

Fact #10 Another major reason why the Roman Empire fell was due to its economic troubles. There was constant warfare requiring heavy military spending.

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