Christ is Risen!

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Christ is Risen!:

Christ is Risen!

Mankind Had Two Big Problems:

Mankind Had Two Big Problems We chose independence in the garden Disobedience corrupted our nature (Rom.3:23) The serpent was cursed The first negative emotional consequence? SHAME… Since the fall of man, the wages of sin is death (Rom.6:23) How did Adam & Eve get their animal skins? They killed the first one God provided the others Something has to die to cover our shame

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The Law Blood & Sacrifice Lots and lots of it… (Heb. 5) Scapegoat (Lev. 16:10) Egypt Something had to die to liberate God’s people Ex. 12 :21-27 Either your first-born, or a spotless lamb

Hebrews: 9:6-16:

Hebrews: 9:6-16 Jesus Conquered Sin 2 Cor. 5:21 He became sin, who knew no sin…. The F ather poured out thousands of years of wrath and judgment upon Jesus “For God the Just is satisfied to look on Him and pardon me…” Though He sees our sin, He sees the sacrifice that was paid for it, and says that we are pardoned Jesus Conquered Death 1 Cor. 15: 55 Oh death, where is your sting? What happened in that moment?

VICTORY Over Sin & Death!:

VICTORY Over Sin & Death ! Rom. 5:11-19 Col.2:13-15 Not just a payment made, but the record of it destroyed Shattered Satan’s power Crushed the serpent’s head His victory over sin and death is now ours to walk in

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Unless you sit on it, a chair has only the potential to support your weight

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