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Gandhi Sardar Hey Ram 11.00 AM 3.00 PM 9.30 PM Independence Day , Aug 15th

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Idea Dream Home Season 4, the first show about home & lifestyle, with a competitive format , on television screen in Kerala returns with the Fourth edition from August 20th , Monday at 7.30 PM. The show airs from Monday to Friday at 7.30 PM with a repeat telecast Tue to Sat at 10.30 AM. Hosted by architect Tripti.

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It’s been 35 years since The King departed. Rosebowl remembers the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley with a one-hour testimonial, from 7.00 PM to 8.00 PM on Aug 16th, Thursday; rerun of the special show is also on weekend, Sat, Aug 18th from 9.30 AM to 10.30 AM.

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Star Lights Listen to the Movie personalities , Aug 20th to Aug 31st at 8.00 PM

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Filmi Talk with the Stars Aug 20th to Aug 31st at 10.00 AM

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ROSEBOWL MOVIES 3 Blockbusters , Daily Box Office at 11.00 AM Showtime at 3.00 PM Night Shift at 9.30 PM

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Hera Pheri – Aug 11 Fiza – Aug 13 Pankh – Aug 14 Plan – Aug 16 Shola Aur Shabnam – Aug 17 Khamosh – Aug 18 Box Office at 11.00 AM

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Sholay - Aug 21 , 11.00 AM

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Doli – Aug 22nd Gopichand Jasoos - Aug 23rd Tere Naam – Aug 24th Kanyadaan – Aug 25th Razia Sulthan – Aug 27th Namastey London – Aug 28th Khoobsurat – Aug 30th One Two Three – Aug 31st Box Office at 11.00 AM

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Aug 29th , 11.00 AM Kaho Naa..Pyaar Hai

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Aug 29, 3.00 PM

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Scarface – Aug 11 Bridget Jones's Diary – Aug 12 Con Air - Aug 13 Showtime at 3.00 PM

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Rear Window, a taut mystery thriller, Directed by Alfred Hitchcock stars James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey, and Thelma Ritter A wheelchair bound photographer spies on his neighbours from his apartment window & suspects one of them has committed murder. Aug 14th , 3.00 PM

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Yours, Mine And Ours , Aug 16 ,3.00 PM

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Patch Adams – Aug 17th Romance Of Astrea And Celadon – Aug 18th Before Sunrise – Aug 20th Aeon Flux – Aug 21st It's A Wonderful Life – Aug 22nd Hotel Rwanda – Aug 23rd Gone In Sixty Seconds – Aug 25th Tuya's Marriage – Aug 26th Kill Bill Vol.01 - Aug 27 City Of Angels – Aug 30th A Beautiful Mind – Aug 31st Showtime at 3.00 PM

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest , a drama film , based on the novel of the same name by Ken Kesey Directed by Miloš Forman, Starring Jack Nicholson ,Louise Fletcher,etc, The film  won all five major Academy Awards (Best Picture, Actor in Lead Role, Actress in Lead Role, Director, and Screenplay) One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest , Aug 24 , 3.00 PM

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King Kong , Aug 28 , 3.00 PM

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My Best Friend's Wedding Aug 11th Aug 12th Zoolander Aug 13th In and Out Aug 14th Rush Hour Aug 16th Used Parts Night Shift at 9.30 PM

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Aug 17th Two Week's Notice Aug 18th The Specialist Aug 19th The Wedding Singer Aug 20th Rendition Aug 21st Rhapsody In August Aug 22nd 13 Going On 30

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Aug 23rd, 9.30 PM Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl

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See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Aug 24th Aug 25th Aug 26th Aug 27th Aug 29th Aug 28th Troy Gladiator X-Men Titanic You've Got Mail Night Shift at 9.30 PM

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Mission: Impossible , directed by Brian De Palma , starring Tom Cruise , Jon Voight,Ving Rhames,etc The plot follows agent, Ethan Hunt and his mission to uncover the mole who has framed him for the murders of his entire IMF team . Aug 30th at 9.30 PM

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A Star is Born

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Fauji , a TV series following the training of an Indian Army commando regiment that aired on India's national channel DD National in 1988. Shahrukh Khan, played the leading role of Commando Abhimanyu Rai in the critically acclaimed show. Sundays at 7.00 PM , from August 19th

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Malgudi Days, the hugely popular & iconic tale, penned by R. K.Narayan , on Rosebowl from August 19th at 9.00 AM & subsequently on all Sundays morning at 9.00 AM.

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