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ACV CELEBRATES 45 DAYS OF FUN - AUG 1st To Sep 14th 2011


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What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul.  ~Old Proverb

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All of this Onam it’s Fun, Frothy , Fulfilling Entertainment On ACV

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The Greatest Malayalam actor in the Comedy Genre, the Living Legend & archetype of the famed Malayalam humour, Shri Jagathy Sreekumar - Brand Ambassador for ACV , this Onam

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Do you remember ??

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Ghafoor ka dost Kaali fornia Arabi kuppayam

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Kamadhenu lottery results Hmmmm…’A’ kure kanditundu

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Nicaragua ?? Poland ? Dollar vela ?

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Raveendraa…. Richard Saayippu Euclayptus maram Narayana

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10 days – Comedy Big-Bang Blockbuster Comedy Film Fest Rib-tickling Comedy Clips Comedy shows

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Comedy Sundays * 3 Comedy Films * Comedy skits * Celeb Interview – Comedy Artists * Comedy Online – comedy clips * Comedy Song * Comedy stunt

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the Feast continues…………….

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Chat Series – Actor-Male

Slide 14:

Chat Series – Actor-Female

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Chat Series – Music artistes

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Music concert in tribute to Three Legends of Malayalam Film Music Arjunan Master, Johnson Master & Shyam

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Music Specials featuring Actors who also croon ;Manoj K Jayan, Mamtha Mohandas, Ananya Supported by Ace keyboardist, Stephen Devassy , anchored by Neha Nair,Singer-VJ

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Dileep – 100 Not Out

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Mega-Gameshow - Actors(Male) Vs Three Actors(Female)

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Ormayile Lohi - Film personalities, Sibi Malayil and J. Pallassery remember the Life & Times of late Lohitadas, Script-writer & Film Director

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Onathoni Tête-à-tête with Celebrities, on a boat cruise

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A peep into the Culture, Rituals & Traditions of Onam – 10 Docu-features

Slide 23:

Padmaragam Pakiya Vazhi – Analysis of the films crafted by the true auteur, Padmarajan by Film Director, Renjith

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Good Food is just a Prayer Away !

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Ruchibhedam Onam special – 10 days – 10 celebrities share their favourite recipes Panchamritham – 5 Unique Dishes of Kerala

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MEGA COMEDY EVENT , in association with Tourism Kerala, Govt of Kerala at Trivandrum

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