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MPD Session 1 Skills Audit Personal and Career Management

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What skills do you have? What new skills do you need? Why do you need them? Have you ever seriously asked these questions?

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What skills do you have? From there we can set TARGETS and make PLANS In this session we will create a “Skills Audit”

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Get a job Become a……. Earn Plenty Job Satisfaction Help Others Own Business Retire Early ? What Targets do you have for your career? Short Term? Long Term?

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? What Academic Targets do you have? Short Term? Long Term? Pass the course Get specific grades or marks Do the very best I can Get a degree Get Post-Graduate Qualification

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? What Life Targets do you have? Short Term? Long Term? Travel Family Experience Lifestyle “Happiness”

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It won't just happen ! What PLANS do you have to achieve your goals? You need.. SMART Targets Detailed Realistic PLANS All based on the Skills Audit

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