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TWC 301


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TWC 301 : 

TWC 301 Virtual Presentation 4/25/2010

Using the PSA in Writing Projects : 

Using the PSA in Writing Projects Virtual Presentation 4/25/2010

Brochure Project : 

Brochure Project Virtual Presentation 4/25/2010

The PSA : 

The PSA Plan Research Draft Review Distribute

Plan : 

Plan Choosing a Company or organization I chose Africa Health New Horizons (AHNH) because I am very familiar with the Non-Profit organization and believe in the Efforts of AHNH

Research : 

Research Go to the Website. Find out the key information about the company. Is there enough info about the company to fill a brochure with useful information? Study everything available by the company and it’s competitors.

Draft : 

Draft Sort through the information you have gathered Make a brief out line of where everything should go in the brochure. Design tool

Draft Design : 

Draft Design Designing the background and layout of the brochure is a key step The brochure must flow well Make sure the tri-fold is laid out correctly

Draft Design : 

Draft Design The Front Page Make the front page enticing. The audience should want to know more. The children are happy! Why? I should probably open the brochure and read more.

Draft Design : 

Draft Design The Middle Pages These pages should have detailed information. Everything needs to be spaced well. Numbers, bullet points, underling, and Bold letters. These will help keep things organized , BUT DON’T OVER DO IT!

Draft Design : 

Draft Design The Back Page Make the Back page is used for a little information. The key to the back page is: “For information visit:”. The back page could also be used like a business card with contact information.

Review : 

Review Proof Read Spelling & Grammar Read through everything multiple times Does it fold correctly? Is everything in the correct order when folded?

Distribute : 

Distribute Show it to colleagues When printing make sure the margins are at least .25 inches on both sides of the folds. Use a printing company that does embossing

Final Product : 

Final Product

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