Five Great Reasons to Host a Student

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5 GREAT Reasons to host STUDENTS:

5 GREAT  Reasons to host STUDENTS


FIVE GREAT REASONS TO HOST Welcome an international son or daughter into your home and learn just how amazing your ordinary life can be to your new student. Get started on your greatest journey yet, and gain a new family member for life!  Successful host families: • Set realistic expectations of life with a teenager • Offer an emotionally supportive environment • Provide a bed, study area and three meals per day • Encourage community and school activity participation • Take interest in sharing family and cultural traditions while learning about those from the student’s homeland

1. Experience a new and exciting family dynamic:

1. Experience a new and exciting family dynamic You’ll start a lifelong relationship with your new son or daughter, that won’t end when the exchange does. Members of your family will feel closer to each other through sharing your daily lives with a YFU student. If you have children, they’ll gain a broader perspective on the world, learning more about geography, communication and international cultures. If your children are young, they’ll probably love having a big brother or sister from another country.

2. See your community through fresh eyes:

2. See your community through fresh eyes When you share your community with a YFU student, you’ll find yourself exploring your local surroundings through different eyes. Even a simple trip to the grocery store may become a favorite memory as you experience grocery shopping with your new exchange student.

3. Discover the best in your family.:

3. Discover the best in your family. Hosting will better connect your family to the world in which we live. It brings culture and a sense of adventure to your children while teaching them valuable lessons about acceptance and global unity. So discover the best in your family by hosting a high school programs student.

4. YFU welcomes all types of families:

4. YFU welcomes all types of families Host families have many different faces and backgrounds. It doesn’t matter if you have children or not, whether you’re single, an empty nester or are a same sex couple; anyone can be a host family, so long as you’re open to new experiences and ready to provide guidance, love and support to a student looking to further themselves.

5. A commitment to intercultural understanding:

5. A commitment to intercultural understanding In today’s world, the principles of youth exchange hold as much relevance as ever. At YFU, we believe that it is within local communities that we will make a global impact and a more peaceful world. By hosting each other's children, we come to understand that our similarities are greater than our differences. YFU has remained a trusted leader of intercultural virtual exchange programs for more than 60 years because of our commitment to safety, reputation for quality, and exceptional support services.


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