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Something to Think about : 

Something to Think about Mr. Lippart

What’s the point… : 

What’s the point… Snapshot of your accomplishments Let someone know who you are both personally & professionally even before they meet you

A bad resume… : 

A bad resume… A bad resume can show a lack of organization & presentation Limits your chances for consideration from colleges/jobs

How To…Brevity : 

How To…Brevity BE BRIEF

Slide 6: 

Organize Your Resume (i.e. Categories) By personal importance By relevance By date

User-friendly : 

User-friendly Easy to read Easy to navigate

Slide 9: 

Stay on task Do not put things on a resume just to fill space Do not put things on a resume that you are not genuinely interested in

emphasis : 

emphasis Make your resume stand out from the rest

The good Resumes… : 

The good Resumes… Increases your value as an employee/student Enhances your application, status, and likelihood of being considered!

Blah Vs. Bling : 

Blah Vs. Bling The Blah… The Bling…

Naviance & Your Resume : 

Naviance & Your Resume Log onto Naviance Click on “About Me” Click on “Resume” and get started RFH Freshman 74 Ridge RoadRumson, NJ  [email protected] Education: Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School Sep 09 - Jun 10 Rumson, NJ Grade 9 Volunteer Service: Nov 08 - Jan 10 Volunteer (food service) Red Bank, NJ Lunch Break Grades 8, 9 5 Hours/Week Total Hours: 60 Helped serve food to the less privileged during the holidays Extracurricular Activities: Sep 09 – Present Key Club Grades 8, 9 2 Hrs/Week Total Hours: 40 Volunteered in the community as an officer in Key Club Skills/Academic Achievement: Jan 10 High Honor Roll Made High Honor Roll for quarter 2 of freshman year Nov 09 Honor Roll Made Honor Roll for quarter 1 of freshman year Athletic Achievement: Sep 09 - Nov 09 Freshmen Football Grade 9 15 Hrs/Week Total Hours: 180 Started at wide receiver for Rumson-Fair Haven's freshman football team

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