4 Different Hidden Blades I Carry for Self Defense

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In the modern days, your self defense needs have dramatically enhanced. You need some smart weapons for your defense, such as hidden blade knives. I use to carry certain hidden blades for my defense. In this article, I have disclosed the hidden blades that I use to carry for defending against the attacks.


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4 Different Hidden Blades I Carry for Self Defense You may think I’m crazy but I love carrying small blades for self-defense. To be honest I hate those huge blades that don’t fit into my pocket. If you know what I mean I would always prefer carrying hidden blades so that I can carry them easily and pull them out when required. Being a knife enthusiast I have a great collection of knives that include many pocket knives karambit’s fantasy knives and more. But the most spectacular to my likings are the small sized hidden blade knives.

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Well there are hundreds reasons why I carry hidden blades. First of all they have small blades typically 2-3 inches. Therefore these knives are so small that they can fit into my pocket small purse or bag. Secondly these knives are effective for self- defense. I have come across attackers at several occasions. Luckily I have survived every time because of my tendency to carry knives. My hidden blade comes up as a surprise for the attacker. He has no idea because he is hit from nowhere. Wondering what hidden blades I am carrying Here they are: 1- Boot Knife Yes as the name suggests it is a knife to be carried in a boot. As I am smart I carry smart weapons in a smart manner. This was a knife I was eager to purchase. Now I have five of them in my collection. Believe me I never go out unequipped with a boot knife. There is always a blade in my boots and pull them out if I have to deal with an attacker. If I find myself in a survival situation this is my go through weapon. This is because the attacker does not even think of a weapon coming out of the boots. Hence I can lead a surprise attack on him and successfully get rid of him. This small blade can easily be carried in the boots. Don’t worry a sheath covers the blade to protect my feet 2- Neck Knife Seems dangerous Right But not to me. If you are unfamiliar with this extraordinary hidden blade let me disclose some tremendous features of it. This is a small blade that looks like a necklace and worn around the neck. The blade is not uncovered to cause any damage to your body. You are absolutely safe while carrying this knife. I tend to have a necklace worn. But wait it isn’t exactly a necklace or a jewelry thing. I am carrying a deadly weapon that can inflict a significant injury to the attackers. Enough to frighten my enemies 3- Pen Knife What an incredible thing this is To be fair with you I have never seen a more useful weapon that a pen knife. It is a marvelous hidden blade against which I would give 10 out of 10 to the manufacturer. The manufacturer has done a magnificent job in designing this extraordinary weapon. There is a small blade on one side and a pen on the other. This allows me to write with the pen and open letters with the blade.

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Being in the office and in the car this is my self-defense weapon that I use to survive in emergency scenarios. 4- Lipstick Knife Don’t go wrong here This is not a lipstick. However it does appear identical to a lipstick. All the ladies out there would know that when you twist the tube of a lipstick the lipstick appears from the other side. Yes this is what happens in this knife but instead of a lipstick the blade is what appear from the other end. Now imagine in a survival situation the attacker would be laughing at me for taking out a lipstick. But he has no idea that this lipstick is likely to cause him a serious damage.

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