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Article Rewriting Tips:

Article Rewriting Tips By

What is Article Rewriting ?:

What is Article Rewriting ? Process to write a new article from an existing article. Can be written in lesser time by a man having good editorial skill. Article Rewriting serves as a best process for online marketing.

Article Rewriting Tips:

Article Rewriting Tips Headline in different Format Inclusion of Subheading Bulleted Points Rephrase introductory Paragraph. Addition of New Keywords. Addition of Links

Headline in Different Format:

Headline in Different Format Changing the headline adds new angle to the topic. Make a use of different or matching keywords in the headline. It helps your article to be optimized on different search engines.

Inclusion of Subheading:

Inclusion of Subheading Rewrap the article’s format by adding subheading. This will give an extra view to the article. It also helps the reader to follow easily.

Bulleted Points:

Bulleted Points Slice your big paragraph in a bulleted list. It makes the reader to scan your article faster. Bulleted Points are speaker’s best friend.

Rephrase Introductory Paragraph:

Rephrase Introductory Paragraph Rewrite the first paragraph with new thought. It makes the readers enthusiastic to read the article . First paragraph is the first impression to make.

Addition of Keywords.:

Addition of Keywords. Keywords are the primary keys. Search Engines gets attracted by these keywords. Use long tail keywords.

Addition of Links:

Addition of Links Link addition is an extra value addition. It gives extra information to the readers. Always link to a high ranking site.

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