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CSS Sprite:

CSS Sprite By http://www.psd2htmlwordpress.com

What is Image Sprite:

What is Image Sprite The idea behind CSS sprite is to consolidate multiple images into one sprite and then selectively display portions of this sprite with positioning. It has its origin in Computer Graphics Sprites are the master image from which individual images can later be pulled for website design as needed by the code. Displayed as a static or dynamic background image

Advantages of CSS Sprite:

Advantages of CSS Sprite A web page with many images can take a long time to load and generates multiple server requests. Using image sprites will reduce the number of server requests and save bandwidth. CSS sprites reduce HTTP requests CSS sprites are commonly used, particularly for navigation (such as for hover effects), icons and buttons

Disadvantages of CSS Sprites:

Disadvantages of CSS Sprites Maintenance : Changing the size of an icon in a sprite, also need to adjust the CSS to fix the positioning, padding, or dimensions of the element Accessibility : While using background images we remove the image tag from the markup, which could reduce the meaningfulness of the content

Where are CSS Sprites Used:

Where are CSS Sprites Used CSS sprites are mainly used in a pixel based design. CSS sprites are used to keep the design maintainable and easy to update .

How to create a navigation list using the sprite image:

How to create a navigation list using the sprite image The following code shows the creation of navigation list #navlist{position:relative;} #navlist li{margin:0;padding:0;list-style:none;position:absolute;top:0;} #navlist li, #navlist a{height:44px;display:block;} #home{left:0px;width:46px;} #home{background:url('img_navsprites.gif') 0 0;} #prev{left:63px;width:43px;} #prev{background:url('img_navsprites.gif') -47px 0;} #next{left:129px;width:43px;} #next{background:url('img_navsprites.gif') -91px 0;}

How to add hover effect using image sprites:

How to add hover effect using image sprites The following lines of code can be used to add hover effect #home a:hover{background: url('img_navsprites_hover.gif') 0 -45px;} #prev a:hover{background: url('img_navsprites_hover.gif') -47px -45px;} #next a:hover{background: url('img_navsprites_hover.gif') -91px -45px;}

Contact Info:

Contact Info PSD to HTML Wordpress www.psd2htmlwordpress.com Y8,Block EP,Sec – v Salt Lake, Kol – 700091,India PH : +913340200838 Email:[email protected]

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