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60x60 Dance choreographer: Dance society:

60x60 Dance choreographer: Dance society Thesis statement: These dance performances at first confused me , because the message seemed unclear to me .Then when I figured out it was a modern abstract pieces throughout the hour. The message seemed to be nature orientated, then everyday , and random futuristic. There was no clear cut answer to what was the main idea of the choreographer. Every piece was a little different on what they were conveying , but all the dances were a modern dance style.

Example one :

Example one The costumes are where you get the sense of the message of the different pieces. Like an example would be in the videos in between the performances . It had the nature aspect and you could tell the temperature by the clothing.

Example Two:

Example Two Modern dance was evident in several performances Clean cut movements As seen in the picture

Class Connection Martha Graham:

Class Connection Martha Graham Each dance seemed to have the same style They all used contraction Contraction is connected to Martha Graham Martha Graham is known for sharp movement In the dances they were all precise Concept of the modern era


Evaluation I enjoyed the dance once I sorted out what I thought it was about . At first it was hard to enjoy, because I couldn’t understand what the choreographer was trying to convey. Strengths: Dance quality, Music Selection, and Movement Weakness: Lighting , Costumes, and Transitions Once I fully understood what the choreographer was trying to convey . I think the message was portrayed well with its dancing style and skill. In some dances the costuming could have been different . To help convey the message to match the music in the background. For example the trio their costumes were bright , but the music wasn’t bright it was a wind noise.

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