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How these laws will effect you and the Internet! SOPA, PIPA, & OPEN

Social Media:

Here are some of the web's most engaging and widely websites: Video based: YouTube, Vimeo Game Based: Kongreate Social Network Based: Facebook , Google+ Image Based: Flickr Soon they may become heavily censored for having copyright violations. To give a recent example the MegaUpload song was taken down by Universal though they have no ties to the song. To give another example Revision3 was attacked by MediaDefender for using BitTorrent LEAGLY! Social Media


Please keep in mind that as of this moment SOPA, PIPA, and OPEN are not even laws that have been passed! The way these laws are being proposed are to cut down on piracy. The real impact will be the loss of legitimate business, and innocent people being harmed legally and financially. Justin Bebir , who became famous for videos on YouTube; with these laws in place would have likely never been heard of because these laws would have likely prohibited his innocent and entertaining videos that brought him his fame. With the current shift from mainstream services such as cable and satellite TV to online content the following should be known: Much of what is out there is user generated with new and unique ideas. Other ideas have a basis from existing media. Fan fiction/art, parodies, and the endless forms of media all over the internet Any of this content could be removed by larger companies that either want to stop the competition by removing them or making a huge mistake and removing something they don’t even own as mentioned earlier. Currently

The Future:

As the internet is now, business is massively growing every single moment of the day. With these laws being passed things that you enjoy most about the internet may go away and people will lose money and business will go away. Please help by contacting your local and state government officials by letting them know how much you do not want these laws or any like them from being passed! The Future

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