Jared Koeck - Master of Business Administration, Boston University


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Jared Koeck graduated from the University of New Hampshire and graduated from the same university with majors in political science in 2013. Find out more about him at his official site https://jaredkoeck.net/


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Jared Koeck

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Former Account Map Specialist Research Analyst By Appointment Only Inc. BAO | Former Market Research Specialist By Appointment Only Inc. BAO | Master of Business Administration Boston University About Jared Koeck

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Jared Koeck loves to travel with his close friends and he prefers travelling. His interest in travelling is evident from the fact that he has been to 12 countries so far.

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Jared Koeck is fond of reading and he is a great learner. He is quite interested in visiting museum as he is interested in different historic places and things.

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Jared Koeck got his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Boston University. In addition to it he loves to read and it is one of his major hobbies and he is interested in going through different genres.

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Jared Koeck loves to cook as well. He is a pro at experimenting new recipes and ingredients. He is a great human being with several creative inclinations.

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He has remained a part of different projects that include Link Day Consulting Project. He contributed a lot in this project back in spring 2017 and co-led a team of MBA.

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Jared Koeck is a great human being having remarkable potentials. He is a great person to work within a team.

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Thank You… To know more about him visit his official site https://jaredkoeck.net/

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