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De La SALLE Professional Schools Masters in Business Administration VIRUS DETECTION And PREVENTION


Introduction It is Program designed that does damage to your computer

What Is a Computer?:

What Is a Computer? It is a program that can infect other programs by modiying them in such as to include itself. Quoted from virus sade .

Computer Virus Types::

Computer Virus Types: A) Computer System/ Boot Record Viruses Attact parts of your computer used to run programs B) Computer File Viruses Clings to various programs files Sample files:.COM , .EXE, .DOC C)Common Computer Virus Names Stoned, Love Bug, Ched Data Fellows Computer Virus Information Check McAfee/Norton/TrendMicro website

How Do I Know I Have A Computer Virus?:

How Do I Know I Have A Computer Virus? Programs take longer to load than normal Hard drive runs out of hard disk space Files have strange names you don’t recognize Conventional memory isles than it used to be Programs run erratically

How Can You “Catch” A Computer Virus?:

How Can You “Catch” A Computer Virus? Floppy Disk Internet Email Networks

How Do I Detect and Eliminate Computer Viruses?:

How Do I Detect and Eliminate Computer Viruses? Use anti virus software

The Tools You’ll Need:

The Tools You’ll Need Mcaffe Norton TrendMicro ( onlin

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