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PALPAP - Educational ERP Software, introduced Hostel Management ERP in Sai Ram Institutions that contains following modules Hostel Mess, Rooms Availability and Menu preparation, E-Gate Pass, Security and Alert System. PALPAP – Educational ERP Software is a rapidly growing company that stands as a testimony to how well hard work, commitment, and team spirit can contribute to the success of an organization and its clients. PALPAP – Educational ERP Software, The E- Gate Pass, Security and Alert System was optimized to have an easy mechanism for resident students to apply for a Gate Pass on the campus. The system records all transactions, which help to generate a large amount of information for campus management. In order to improve security and safety of the student moment in the gate. It automatically alerts the respective authority to paperless and transparent management system. Not only security system Palpap ERP Integrate the whole hostel procedure in an automated manner. In Hostel, management ERP contains a lot of automated reports that provide various solutions. Hostel Master Report provides hostel list, Warden Name, and Building names. Similarly Hostel Module has Mess master, Menu Master


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