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Metadata: Enhanced Access to Online Content National Online 2001 May 15, 2001 Mary Alice Ball [email protected]

The Context:

The Context marchFIRST Venture Creation Group New business models for digital economy Strategic alliances with multiple players Content management project Impact of April 12, 2001 bankruptcy Legal documents not priority for m1 Partners reluctant to proceed Project not completed

Internet Business Content:

Internet Business Content Problem: Accessibility needs to be improved Proliferation of digitized information Searchers’ lack of training Over-reliance on search engines Result: Lost revenue Reduced market share

Metadata as Solution:

Metadata as Solution Definition: structured data describing data Controlled vocabulary models resource descriptions are separate records records created by trained professionals Metadata are embedded within document created by authors or web site administrators SCHEMAS project of European Commission

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative:

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative De facto international metadata standard Focus on resource discovery not rights management Simple core of semantics Interoperability  Cross domain & disciplines Fifteen unstructured elements each is optional & repeatable Qualifiers used for more specificity

Dublin Core Element Set:

Dublin Core Element Set title subject publisher date format source relation rights creator description contributor type identifier language coverage

Dublin Core Element Set:

Dublin Core Element Set Tension between generality & specificity Decision to err on side of generality Importance of interoperability DC primarily education & government Limited business input so far Working Groups address problem areas Interest Groups are less formal


Implementation Dublin Core Semantics Resource Discovery Framework (RDF) Structure - combine elements from multiple schemas eXtensible Markup Language (XML) Syntax for communicating RDFs


Implementation XML Namespace Community defined & maintained elements Unique URL DC-Ed created Audience & Standards elements Application Profile Commingle subsets from multiple namespaces Does not define new elements DC-Ed as model Uses DC & IEEE Learning Object Metadata elements

DC-Business Interest Group:

DC-Business Interest Group Interest Group not Working Group Informal networking, information sharing Different industry sectors No deliverables as IG Evolving group Needs greater participation & direction

marchFIRST project:

marchFIRST project Goal: Create business labeling digitized content Enhance access to content - products & services Automate as much of process as possible Design metadata schemas for distinct markets Initial focus on printing & publishing Philosophy: Limit number of elements Use qualifiers for specificity

Other Metadata Schemas:

Other Metadata Schemas J.P. Morgan’s Asset Management Services Spearheaded by Dr. Yi Sheng Internal document resource description for corporate web sites Equities  Stock markets  Mutual funds 44 metadata elements BEA Systems’ WebLogic Commerce Server Product catalog module Customizable base metadata schema

Added Metadata Elements:

Added Metadata Elements


Conclusion Table - partial indication of complexity of articulating metadata schemas Challenges in business Few people understand metadata Requires resources & support Secrecy due to commercial value DC-Biz promotes cooperative development

PowerPoint Presentation:

Metadata: Enhanced Access to Online Content National Online 2001 May 15, 2001 Mary Alice Ball [email protected]