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Divorce is now a common process in Singapore and is a legal process that ends a marriage.


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Divorce is now a common process in Singapore and is a legal process that ends a marriage. Divorce is now a common process in Singapore and is a legal process that ends a marriage. When a person files a divorce case in the court it is handled in two proceedings like the first one focus on deciding the outcome of the divorce and the next step is to focus on deciding on the complex matters like spousal maintenance child custody and division of matrimonial assets. For Divorce in Singapore there are certain criteria based on which the divorce can be filed. Divorce filing parties should be the citizen or permanent resident of Singapore have been married for 3 years and should not be Muslims. These legal grounds for the marriage termination party have to prove their point in the court and get justice. This is the reason that people should take the help of the family lawyer Singapore. Adding to this several documents are required to be prepared and needs to be filed in the family justice court for the divorce proceedings. Some important documents include a write for divorce a statement of claim and a statement of particulars. Get an Overview of How to Get Divorce in Singapore

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With all such requirements it is necessary that before you file for the divorce you should take the help of a family lawyer Singapore. It is also noted that there are cases where people do not engage a lawyer to handle the entire process. This could lead them to a low cost but the consequence may be terrifying. But make sure that all this will not excuse you from the legal formal and procedural requirements of the court. On the other hand when a lawyer handles the case you will get standardised proceedings and will be best for you. It is also the requirement of the situation that you hire a lawyer if your partner has hired an expert. For a quick and stress-free Divorce in Singapore you will definitely find the lawyer’s support a best one. If you are not well aware of the divorce process then be assured that only the professionals can bring peace and justice in your life. Although the process looks simple it is not the case in every family matters and required proper analysis of the situations that have put you in the tough situation. Thus explore the internet and get details of the best lawyers and law firms that will be with you from the very first day until the final verdicts of the court. Address: 25 North Bridge Road 03-02 EFG Bank Building Singapore 179104 Tel: +65 6337 0469 Fax: +65 6337 0463 Email Us:

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