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Divorce is not an easy decision for couples. You need to consider various factors before filing for legal separation from your spouse.


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Divorce is not an easy decision for couples. You need to consider various factors before filing for legal separation from your spouse. Couple have to go through a lot of emotional phase while getting divorced. It is mentally draining emotionally traumatizing and also involves financial burden. It not only affects both the spouse but also the child and other family members may be dragged into the divorce as well causing unnecessary stress on their lives. Before getting divorced it is always recommended here in Singapore to consult a counsellor to explore the impact this move will have on you and your family. They may also provide you an alternative opinion that may help you straighten things out and you may realize that a divorce may not be the most suitable option. However if you are adamant about a divorce you will need to consult a Singapore divorce lawyer for advice and assistance. Divorce in Singapore is not as easy as there is more than 400 laws firm since Singapore is having many divorce lawyers. You are required to hire the one possess the necessary expertise and experience to get you through your case. Email Us: consultgjclaw.com.sg Expatriate Divorce - Getting Divorce in Singapore

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The divorce lawyer you have chosen must be a specialist in the relevant field and must have considerable experiences in handling divorce cases in Singapore. However if your divorce is an do not involve much complexities then you can go for a generalist lawyer. Do no give too much emphasis on the ‘name’ or reputation of the law firm. We all know that size and brand establishment of the law firm are important but the other most critical factor is the expertise of the divorce lawyer in handling your case regardless of the firm he belongs to. Another important factor to be considered while making your choice of lawyer is the financial matter. If you want good quality legal service then you have to pay a quite high price for it. Consider your budget first and then make the selection accordingly. Also make sure that all the charges are transparent and priced reasonably. If you want your lawyer to take genuine interest in your case you are required to be completely honest regarding your case to your lawyer. This will help him in assisting you with his best possible efforts because he can only help you as much as you are honest with him. Ultimately the right to decide whom to choose as your lawyer or whether to get separate from your spouse or not lies with you – so do not be hasty or pressured into making a decision. Address: 25 North Bridge Road 03-02 EFG Bank Building Singapore 179104 Tel: +65 6337 0469 Fax: +65 6337 0463 Email Us: consultgjclaw.com.sg

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