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Airbrush tanning is a great way to give your skin an attractive glow. Visit: https://redmillennial.com/what-you-should-know-about-airbrush-tanning/


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WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT AIRBRUSH TANNING Airbrush tanning is a great way to give your skin an attractive glow. If you’re got a special event coming up or you’re preparing for a beach vacation airbrush tanning can help even your skin tone and give you a healthy sun-kissed appearance. Before your airbrush tanning appointment here are some important things to keep in mind to ensure the tan lasts as long as possible. One of the most important things to remember is to make sure you have any facials pedicures or waxing 24-48 hours before your airbrush tanning appointment. Facials and waxing can remove the airbrush tanning solution from your skin if you get these services after you tan.

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While you’re usually advised not to use any body oils or lotions when you’re preparing to go in the tanning booth when you’re getting an airbrush tan make sure you moisturizer your body to prep your skin. Dry skin affects the look of your tan. Make sure you thoroughly moisturize your skin daily for 3-5 days before you get an airbrush tan. However you shouldn’t use lotion or body oil the day of your airbrush tan appointment or immediately after the tanning solution has been applied. Wait until the tan is fully developed before taking a shower and applying moisturizer. You should also exfoliate and shave the night before your airbrushing appointment. This helps to remove dead skin cells. When your fresh layer of skin is exposed the tanning solution will adhere to your body and give you an even natural look. On the day of your airbrush tanning appointment arrive for your session with clean skin that is free of lotion and perfume. You should also avoid using deodorant until after your tan since deodorant often has a chemical reaction with the tanning solution and can turn your armpits green. You should also remove your makeup before you tan so your body will be consistent in color. While you should remove your foundation before you tan you can leave your mascara and eyeliner on. If you haven’t decided what you want to wear after your tanning appointment it’s best to wear dark loose-fitting clothing and flip flops once your session is done. You should avoid wearing undergarments jewelry white clothes or form-fitting outfits until after you’ve had your first shower. Wait 8 hours after tanning to shower to make sure the solution is set into your skin. Some tanning salons will offer special products that speed up the solution setting process. If you use these products on your skin you may be able to shower in as little as 4 hours. After you shower make sure you apply an approved moisturizer to your skin. Ask your tanning specialist which products are best for nourishing the skin and prolonging your tan. Moisturizers with vitamins and ingredients that make the skin softer are usually best. The airbrush also keeps you from having to spend too much time in the sun which decreases the chances that you’ll be affected by the sun’s UV rays. Be sure to wear sunscreen when you’re outdoors to protect your skin and make your tan last a little longer. Articles Source : https://redmillennial.com/what-you-should-know-about-airbrush-tanning/

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