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After over a decade as a journalist with one of India’s top newspaper groups in New Delhi and then Bangalore, it was time to move on to do my own stuff. Maybe even write a book. But first, I wanted to start my own website, writing about wine, a newly discovered passion. Although I continue to write for several noted select publications on the subjects of wine and food, I have had a yen for creating my own little space.


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Top wine brands in India You Will Love Uncorking In the last decade Indian wine market has seen a tremendous change. A few years ago people had not even heard about Indian wines but now they have created a wide recognition on domestic as well as international market. Most celebrated Indian wineries and vineyards are centered to Nashik and Karnataka. The number of wine lovers has increased in the country and Indian wines are now satiating their palates like any other international brand. As the famous wine blogger Ruma Singh mentions in her blog post “The growing number of exclusive wine soirées and open-to-all wine events by India’s star hotels shows there is light at the end of India’s wine tunnel. ” As we are talking about the top wine brands in India in this write-up it would be unfair to mention the India Wine Awards that took place in March 2017 in Mumbai. Let us get to know the champions of the award show. Best Indian Budget Wine Sidus Premium White 2016 Fratelli Vineyards Fratelli is a premium Indian wine brand which is widely gaining recognition for its fine quality. With their refined wines Fratelli is setting new benchmarks in the Indian wine market. Sidus Premium White is an easy drinking wine with flavors of candied fruit and vanilla. It is good to complement diverse cuisines. Best Indian Superior Wine Nine Hills Chenin Blanc 2016 Pernod Ricard India Pernod Ricard India is the fastest growing multinational alcohol company in India. Nine Hills got its name from the hills surrounding the winery. It is prepared in Dindori Nasik and Maharashtra. Nine Hills Chenin Blanc is a medium dry and medium bodied wine which is best known for its crisp refreshing taste. It is an excellent blend of floral or fruity aroma with flavors of tropical fruits like pineapple banana and peach.

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Best Indian Super Premium Wine Chene 2014 Grover Zampa Vineyards Chene Grand Reserve is widely accepted as the best brand of red wine in India which is procured from Grover Zampa Vineyards. The wine is famous for its distinctive taste and aroma. This wine also won Hong Kong International award in 2013. Flavored with the taste of berries and plums this wine can be accompanied with many types of dishes. As it bagged the Best Indian Super Premium Wine award it comes with an expensive tag. Thus as the Indian wineries are getting better at their task the quality of wine produced in India is also going up steadily over the years.