Protection of Well-Known Trademark in Abu Dhabi

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Protection of Well-Known Trademark in Abu Dhabi:

Protection of Well-Known Trademark in Abu Dhabi Running a business in Abu Dhabi is not a child’s play until or unless you seek legal assistance. So many things to be taken into account comply with the law of the land. And, this is not possible without the help of professional Abu Dhabi lawyers . Here is a brief summary of the “Protection of Well-Known Trademarks.”


Trademark A trademark, trade-mark or trade mark is an identifiable design, sign, or expression. It identifies services or products of a specific source from those of others .


Protection Well-known trademarks are protected in Abu Dhabi, whether they are registered or not. The Joint Recommendation Concerning Provisions on the Protection of Well-Known Marks delivers some factors to determine whether a mark is a well-known mark in a member state .


Factors The authorized authority considers information submitted to it concerning factors from which it may be deduced that the mark is, or is not, well-known. These factors include, but not limited to, information concerning the following : The period, extent and geographical region of any use of the trade-mark The amount of knowledge in the pertinent sector of the public ; The period, extent and geographic region of any promotion of the mark. For example advertising and the presentation, at fairs or exhibitions, of the goods or services to which the mark applies The period and geographical area of any registrations, or any procedures for registration, of the mark The record of success of the implementation of rights in the mark, especially, the scope to which the mark was identified as well-known by competent authorities The value associated with the mark


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