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We all know what a data center is, but in a layman’s language. Let’s learn about what data center really is and how it works, what is their architecture, what are their components. Moreover let’s discuss about what is tier 3 data center and its features. To know more, visit - https://bit.ly/2tPsJPf


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What are the Two Types of Data Center Security?:

What are the Two Types of Data Center Security ?


In today’s digital lives, data defines us and our businesses as well. Therefore , it strongly highlights the need to ensure top-notch security for our data in data centers. Let us take a look at two different types of data center security:

Physical Security:

Physical Security A physical attack on a data center could lead to loss of stored data. You can tackle the issue of physical security by planning and putting the right security measures in place. The security personnel must be able to know how effectively to handle a disaster or threat to the security of data center.

Virtual Security:

Virtual Security Virtual or network security could prove to be a bigger problem due to several ways by which it could be attacked. An experienced hacker could use malware to crack the passwords in order to access the data. This is why many data centers use collocation to help with network security if the provider makes use of managed network services to achieve the goal.


Collocation is one of the effective ways to ensure security of your data. Other measures include physical separation of networks and installing multiple levels of security.