From something to something else

Category: Education

Presentation Description

Degraded image assignment for sight and sound. Take one thing and make it another.


Presentation Transcript

Degraded Image:

Degraded Image James “Nathan” Mullis

A 35mm Negative:

A 35mm Negative

Scan onto Desktop and Edit:

Scan onto Desktop and Edit

Print Image:

Print Image

Color Main Areas of Image with Sharpies:

Color Main Areas of Image with Sharpies



Cut Out Important Parts of Image:

Cut O ut I mportant Parts of Image

Paste to New Blank Layer:

Paste to N ew B lank Layer

Make New Storyboard :

Make N ew Storyboard

Cut Out Predetermined Boarder:

Cut Out Predetermined Boarder

Scan Cutout to Computer:

Scan Cutout to Computer

Edit and Print Completed Story “Killer Birds!”:

Edit and Print Completed Story “Killer Birds!”