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1 Table of Contents Introduction 3 Social Media 4 11 Graphic Design 15 Infographics 20 High Quality Site Templates 22 Email Marketing Providers 24 On-Site Conversion Tools 27 31 35 38 8 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media Ebook / Cover Design WordPress Search Engine Optimization SEO Conclusion Landing Pages

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2 The author and publisher make no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy applicability fitness or completeness of the contents of this ebook. The information contained in this ebook is strictly for informational purposes. Therefore if you apply the ideas contained in this ebook you are accepting full responsibility for your actions. The author and publisher shall in no event be held liable to any party for any direct indirect punitive special incidental or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of this material which is provided "as is" and without warranties. As always the advice of a competent legal tax accounting or other professional should be sought. The author and publisher do not warrant the performance effectiveness or applicability of any sites listed or linked to in this ebook or any accompanying materials. All links are for information purposes only and are not warranted for content accuracy or any other implied or explicit purpose. This ebook is © copyrighted by Ozio Media. No part of this ebook may be copied altered changed into any format repackaged sold or used in any way other than what is expressly outlined within the ebook. © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Introduction There are a lot of tools out there on the web but how many of them are actually going to help you bring in subscribers to your blog We understand that you dont have time to spend searching all over the web for tools to help make marketing your business easier so we have done the homework for you in this guide. But as with anything else the power of the tool depends upon the person who wields it. Therefore we encourage you to put together a strategy based on the tools that you find in this guide as well as any other marketing methods that you use in your business in order to achieve the goals that you desire. The tools in this guide will help you to increase the size of your email list and the quality of your website. Each section also begins with some ways that we suggest that you use the tools which are all based on what our clients have found success with. Good luck 3 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Social Media Suggested Tips Using social media to get more subscribers for your blog is essential to growing your blog. Here are some of the top sites to utilize: • Facebook • Instagram • Snapchat • Pinterest • YouTube • LinkedIn • Twitter You should extend your branding to social media pages with custom-designed backgrounds. Use social media tools to follow influencers journalists and other individuals that will share your content. 4 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Here are some highly recommended tools for managing social media in order to advertise your blog. Tools SocialAdr – SocialAdr is an automated service that gets pages promoted on hundreds of different social media accounts at a natural pace with virtually no work on your part. BuzzSumo - BuzzSumo is an essential social media tool that allows you to analyze what content performs best on any topic. You can use this tool to find influencers to promote your content monitor your mentions of your brand on social media and so much more. You absolutely need this tool if you are a serious blogger. 5 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Twitter for Business – Although this is not a third party tool but is sold by Twitter Twitter for Business is a great way to boost your followers on Twitter. Unlike Google Ads and other PPC programs costs are comparatively low and the returns are much higher. HootSuite – HootSuite is one of the top social media management applications on the web. This platform will allow you manage all of your social media accounts in one place and post updates directly to your social media accounts. You can even schedule content in bulk to be released on the social media sites. 6 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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In addition there are a host of third-party applications that integrate with HootSuite as well as the ability for you to add team members to your account so that you can delegate social media tasks to your team members. 7 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Landing Pages / Squeeze Pages Suggested Tips Building a better opt-in page is essential to getting blog subscribers and sales. If you cant get potential leads to sign up for your list you can pretty much forget the rest of your sales funnel. Building a landing page is a careful balance of internet marketing technology copywriting and sales psychology. To become a master in all three will take you quite some time but here are some sites that can help you get there faster Tools LeadPages – LeadPages is one of the top tools for creating highly converting landing pages. Not only does this tool use proven psychological tactics to get people to opt in they also regularly track the conversion rates of the landing pages that they create so that their users only receive access to highly converting landing pages. 8 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Unbounce – Unbounce is a tool that will allow you to create and A/B test landing pages with ease. This tool allows you to build your own custom landing pages from scratch or from templates. You will be able to track all of the metrics of your landing pages so that you can optimize them for the best results. Instapage - Instapage is the most powerful landing page platform for marketing teams and agencies. It offers a landing page builder integrations publishing tools optimization/analytics system and collaboration tools. If you use AdWords Facebook Ads and other online advertising programs Instabuilder is a must-have tool that allows you to easily deliver personalized experiences for every campaign. 9 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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ClickFunnels - ClickFunnels is one of the secrets to sales success that top internet marketers already know about. If you want better conversion rates using multiple software programs to manage your landing pages email marketing and analytics is no longer a productive nor efficient strategy. This is the one system that can do it all. With this system you’ll get landing page software website hosting email marketing conversion tracking content-locking membership sites opt-in page templates Two step Instant payment integration and much more. Theres even a free 14-day trial available so that you can test drive it before you buy. 10 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Ebook / Cover Design Suggested Tips Getting people to subscribe your blog requires that you give away something like a free report or ebook. Dont let people miss out on the valuable information that you have to offer by giving your ebook or free report an inferior design. Here are some tools that can help make your ebook or free report look as professional as possible: Tools 11 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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eCover Creator - eCover Creator is online application for creating high quality eBook Software and DVD or Membership card covers. It’s available for free when you sign up for a private label rights PLR membership at the same site. With this software you can use the eCover Creator to design your own custom covers for the PLR eBooks that you can download from this site. Then simply give away the eBook on your blog to get people to subscribe. Free giveaways are the fastest and easiest way to build your list. With this complete eBook design tool combined with PLR you won’t have to worry about writing the content either. 3d package - 3d package is a free and easy to use tool for creating 3D product images. The free version of this tool only allows you to upload already made ecover images. Therefore it will allow you to create the 3D version of the product image but will not allow you to edit your graphic for the product image. 12 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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GraphicRiver – GraphicRiver has a large number of ebook templates and also offers print book templates. In order to edit these items you will need to have a graphic editing program like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. You can also ask for help from the designer of the template or hire a freelancer for changes. 13 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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MyeCoverMaker - MyEcoverMaker allows you to create stunning designs by adding from 100s of high quality graphics and stock images. The site is continuously updated with new ecover designs so that you can create as many ecovers as you need for your products. 14 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Graphic Design / Easy Photo Editing to Help Optimize Landing Pages and Digital Products Suggested Tips While we dont want to underestimate the value in hiring a quality web designer or graphic designer you may want to make some small edits to your blog post images or landing pages on your own. Therefore weve included this chapter on graphic design so that youll have access to high quality resources for stock images and software that will allow you to easily make minor changes to your graphics: 15 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Tools GIMP - GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems in many languages. This is an open source alternative to Adobe Photoshop. PIXLR WEB APPS - PIXLR Express and PIXLR Editor are two popular web-based photo editing tools that make editing photos easy. PIXLR Express lets you perform basic photo-editing functions such as resizing cropping adding overlays filters and stickers to make any photo beautiful. If you need more functionality use PIXLR Editor which provides an ad-free photo editing experience similar to earlier versions of Photoshop. 16 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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GraphicRiver – GraphicRiver allows you to purchase premium design templates and stock images for logos fonts print design web design icons business cards and more. This site has really high quality items available for purchase and you can find top quality professional looking products to promote your business. All products are reviewed by the customers who purchase them so youll know what youre getting before you buy. Additionally you can ask the designers questions right on their product pages for free support after you make a purchase. 17 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Dreamstime – free section This is the link to the free section of the Dreamstime stock photo site. You will have access to a limited number of royalty-free stock photos illustrations images. While licensing options do vary this section does contain a limited number of stock photos available for commercial use. Dreamstime – This is the link to the main Dreamstime stock photo site. Many photographers and graphic designers post all of their content to all of the stock photo sites so you are just as likely to find as many quality images on here to purchase as any of the other popular stock photo sites. 18 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Creative Commons – Creative Commons offers free easy-to-use copyright licenses and provides a simple standardized way for artists and photographers to give the public permission to share and use their creative work — on conditions of their choice. As a result you can also use this site to find images that you can use to promote your business. While this option is not as professional as buying stock photography because of the fact that you will have to include a citation with every use of the images you use from this site it could be a cost-effective option for including images with your blog posts or other site content if youre just getting started. 19 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Infographics Suggested Tips Infographics are a great way to display data visually and are typically one of the most shared items on the social media sites among the business community. The best part about infographics is that even if they are syndicated to another website the infographic design will still include some information about your business so that users know to visit your website for more information about the details contained in the infographic. Here are the top recommended sites for creating infographics to include in your blog posts: Tools Visually - Infographics and data visualization community. 20 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Piktochart - Infographic and presentation tool. - Create interactive infographics. Fiverr – Fiverr is a great place to find someone to custom design an infographic for you provided that youve already put together the content that you want to include. Here youll find designers that are capable of creating infographics designed in many different styles to match your blogs branding. 21 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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High Quality Site Templates Suggested Tips The best option when trying to find great templates that will convert your blog visitors is to have a template designed but to also utilize conversion testing i.e. A/B testing and split testing so that you can test all of the variations of your offer. At the end of the day it is probably best to start with a well- designed template to begin with but you will have no idea how to optimize the template until you do some testing. You also want to make sure that any template that you select is a responsive template so that it displays well on all devices including desktop and mobile devices. Here are some sites where you can find some high quality website templates: 22 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Tools ThemeForest – ThemeForest is the go-to web design marketplace for web designers and online business owners. Here you find site themes for WordPress Joomla Magento Drupal and standard non- CMS websites. The site also has a plethora of responsive web templates. So if you are looking to upgrade your website before trying to increase your conversion rates this would be a good place to start. This site is part of the Envato family of marketplaces so all you have to do is click over to the other sites to buy graphics code snippets and more. 23 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Email Marketing Providers Suggested Tips Having a quality email marketing provider is essential to getting ahead with regards increasing the number of subscribers to your blog and email list. The ability to determine what your leads and customers need and when is essential. These are the top tools that we recommend for email marketing for small business: Tools 24 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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AWeber - AWeber is one of the leading providers of email marketing services. The company leads the industry in deliverability rates and regular publishes blog articles in order to help users maximize conversion rates. The site features a large number of email newsletter templates and sign up forms so that users can select templates that match their websites without having to spend a lot of time trying to customize the templates. Constant Contact – Constant Contact has built a name for itself as a leading provider of email marketing services for small business. The site features all of the traditional features of an email marketing service such as sign up forms and email templates. However they also offer a Marketplace where customers can connect their Constant Contact services to a variety of third-party apps. 25 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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GetResponse – This email marketing provider is one of the best options on this list with regards to features. GetResponse leads the way in terms of analytics tools. In addition they can even help you to build a landing page for your offer and not just a sign up form. If you are looking for a tool to help you manage thousands of subscribers effectively GetResponse is the tool that you need. 26 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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On-Site Conversion Tools Suggested Tips While many of the other tools previously mentioned can help you to attract more list subscribers and clients to your site you can also try tools to help you improve the conversion rate of your site. These tools will help you to convince people who are already on your site to sign up for your list or get in touch with you: Tools PopUpDomination – PopUp Domination is a tool that can help 27 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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increase the number of opt-ins to your list by inserting a visually appealing lightbox opt-in window on your site to appear to your visitors. Despite the name it is not a pop-up and will not open in a separate window or prevent your users from enjoying the content on your site with multiple interruptions. This plug-in is already in place on a number of top internet marketing blogs and is great for a site in any niche. By setting it up to trigger after a visitor has taken some action on your website you can avoid getting hit by Googles interstitial penalty. Sumo - Sumo is a suite of free tools that can be used to grow your websites traffic. Sumos tools are easy to install and work on any website. You’ll get everything from social-sharing buttons to contact forms list building pop-ups heat maps content analysis and more. While highly recommended this plugin has the potential to make your site seem cluttered lowering the usability of your site. So use it carefully and test everything you add to your site. 28 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Zendesk Chat - Zendesk Chat is a tool that will allow you to provide live chat support to your website visitors. The plugin integrates with popular content management systems and will insert a visible app on whichever pages of your site that you select so that visitors can get help immediately. This can increase your conversions exponentially because the website visitor can ask any questions that they may have had that are preventing them from making a purchase immediately. LivePerson – LivePerson is a tool that will allow you to better engage with website visitors once they visit your site. This tool is used by some of the top online retailers and is designed so that you can provide accounts to your entire customer service department. This tool is designed for medium to large businesses. 29 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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LiveChat – LiveChat is another option for on-site website visitor engagement. The best part is that they provide a free trial so that you can test out the service to see if it will increase your conversion rates. In addition the application offers the ability to handle the inquiries that you receive via a web interface or a desktop chat management application. Skype – Skype is by no means a tool that is unknown to the majority of online users. However it is much easier to convert users to buyers if you simply get them on the phone. This tool is especially helpful if you sell consulting services or complex B2B products and you want to followup with visitors who read your content on your blog. Simply letting potential leads and buyers know that you are available via phone and they can contact you immediately greatly increases your credibility. 30 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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WordPress Suggested Tips WordPress is the most widely used content management platform online. It is completely free and open source so that you can customize it as you like. Today WordPress is much more than a simple blog publishing platform. You can use it to create almost any type of website including ecommerce and membership websites. According to Google it’s also 100 SEO-friendly which means that you really wont have to do much to get your WordPress site indexed by Google. Youre also backed by a large community so that you can get help when you need it. WordPress is easily integratable with email marketing software and contact forms so that you can use your WordPress site to generate massive numbers of leads for your business. 31 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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To build a blog that is ready to convert install WordPress with a custom theme add a pop-up plugin to collect leads integrate it with your favorite email marketing provider and you’re all set Here are some tools that you can use to build your own WordPress blog: Tools MyThemeShop - MyThemeShop offers Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins. There youll get access to some free themes and plugins and paid products. These themes are designed with usability in mind and all feature a theme options panel which makes it easy to adjust the themes settings import content and much more. 32 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Youll also get built-in ad management social-sharing buttons contact form functionality and shortcode support. With responsive design and clean lightweight code you’ll be able to build a visitor- friendly site in no time. To help you setup your site each theme also comes with a narrated video tutorial and round-the-clock support. WordPress Video Training - This is a video training series available to you completely free. All you need to do is click on the link enter your email address and you’ll be provided with instant access to step-by-step video tutorials. 33 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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These videos will show you how to use WordPress from installation to setting up your theme and plugins and adding content to your new site. This is the easiest way to learn how to build a self-hosted WordPress site. OptimizePress - OptimizePress is a WordPress theme for authority bloggers that utilizes the latest in web technologies and standards. If you want to create training courses launch products and offer membership portals from your WordPress site then you need this tool. As a product that is especially designed for creating marketing sites youll get access high converting landing pages and complete launch funnels. 34 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Search Engine Optimization SEO Suggested Tips It’s a proven fact that SEO is getting harder to do over time thanks to Google’s real-time algorithms. Even if you don’t plan to focus much of your blog promotion strategy on SEO there are still some practices that you should follow to make sure that you’re blog is in line with the latest recommendations according to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Here are some top recommended SEO tools that are used by professionals in the SEO industry: Tools 35 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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SEMRush - SEMRush helps you uncover competitive search data so that you can rank your blog for the right keywords. You can get insights into your competitors SEO strategies for organic search. They also offer details about display advertising and search engine marketing plus powerful insights into how your competitors build their links. By emulating what your competitors do when it comes to online advertising and organic search you can dramatically improve your own rankings and traffic. Moz Pro - Moz is a name that often pops up when you talk about SEO tools and for good reason. The company has been around longer than almost any other SEO provider and is the publisher of the Domain Authority DA metric along with MozRank and MozTrust. These scores are used by the SEO industry in determining link quality and site value. Moz Pro tools available include everything from website ranking to page optimization and site analysis. 36 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Yoast - Yoast SEO is the most complete WordPress SEO plugin. It handles the technical optimization of your site assists with optimizing your content. Easily optimize your WordPress site with one plugin. Red yelow and green indicators tell you if your post is properly optimized or exactly whats wrong with your post so that you can fix it. MySiteAuditor - This free tool allows you to enter the URL of any landing page or blog article and see how optimized it is for one keyword or phrase. 37 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media

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Conclusion Everyone knows that there is no holy grail to blog marketing success. As the evolution of online marketing continues it is going to require not only a solid strategy to get ahead but a bevy of tools and other resources to put your business ahead of the competition. 38 © 2017-2018 Ozio Media Like What You Just Read Contact Us