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Students with Special Needs


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Improving the Quality of Expository Writing:

Improving the Quality of Expository Writing Jesus A. Esparza EDSC 310

Expository Writing:

Expository Writing Examples include: Descriptive Comparison Argument Skills Required: Acquiring knowledge (Reading/Listening/Viewing and or doing) Analysis Synthesis Evaluation

Exceptional Learning Needs (ELN):

Exceptional Learning Needs (ELN) T he preferred term in a majority of the disability community when speaking of students with various disabilities. Examples of ELN categories: l earning disabilities intellectual disabilities behavior disorder

Within Racial/Ethnic Groups, by Disability:

Within Racial/Ethnic Groups, by Disability Source: Ryan, Cooper & Bolick ; Table 3.3, page 71

Strategies to Help ELN Students Improve Writing:

Strategies to Help ELN Students Improve Writing Provide explicit instruction to improve writing in content areas and much-needed structure 8 Strategies Teach Summarizing Teach Text Structure Writing Frames Rubrics for Writing Data Retrieval Charts Adapted Evaluation Matrices Graphic Organizers for Expository Writing

Writing Strategies, In Depth:

Writing Strategies, In Depth Summarizing: More than simple recall Explicit and coherent expression of the macrostructure. Directing the reader/writer’s attention to essential information.

Teaching Text Structure:

Teaching Text Structure ELN students may not have any notion of the structure of a paragraph Consistently have difficulty with organization Memorize Use of a table to structure reports Implications: Production is increased Confusion is avoided Frustration is avoided

Writing Frames:

Writing Frames Can help scaffold student’s understanding of how to write Consist of a template of “starters” Connectives and sentence modifiers Implications: Sequence of paper is clear Avoids confusion Structure is ensured due to organization


Rubrics T eacher and student friendly Expectations are explicit Provide constructive feedback Supports student learning, skill development, understanding, and thinking For ELN students, rubrics foster Self regulation Self monitor Self check

To Conclude:

To Conclude Writing is a complex skill for any student For ELN students the process is more challenging Creating explicit and clear strategies will facilitate the process: Summarizing Text structure Writing frames Rubrics Exceptional children are more like other children than they are different. And whether and how we recognize and respond to those differences will have a major impact on the child’s success in school and beyond . (W.L. Heward )

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