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Flow Chart (Tool Book- 85) : 

Flow Chart (Tool Book- 85) What is it? - A picture of any process - Drawn with standard symbols representing different types of activities - Different styles available: - Deployment - Process

Flow Chart : 

Flow Chart Purpose - Defines the system being studied - Gets agreement - Identifies “value added” activities - Identifies “dead wood” activities” - Documents changes to the process

Deployment Flow Chart : 

Deployment Flow Chart How is it made? 1. Define the process boundaries (starting point/stopping point). 2. Describe the process in operation. 3. Draw the People Coordinate. 4. List major steps in the process. 5. Draw the flow chart, using symbols 6. Study the flow chart.

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__ ______ Start Task Make a Decision Yes No Conduct a Meeting Report Out End of Process

Flow Chart Example : 

Flow Chart Example

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Kids Parents YES NO Read Story Say Prayers

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Remember A flow chart is a picture of a process. Choosing the style and depth of detail depends on the purpose of the flow chart. Everyone involved with the process should help in construction and agree on a picture. A flow chart is a dynamic tool which should be changed when process changes are made.