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FL Studio Keyword Cheat Sheet For Producers Beat Makers jaystacks.com /fl-studio-keyword-cheat-sheet/ This page lists some of the keyboard shortcuts to useful commands in FL Studio. Every day another producer is asking me how I manage to navigate so quick around FL Studio. Here is the answer to that basically I learnt most of the easy and most frequent commands of by heart and its really easy to do. Learn I’d say around 5 at a time and before you know it you’ll have memorised most of the shortcuts. Please examine the menus/context menus for more shortcuts. NOTE: Single key shortcuts will only work when ‘Typing keyboard to piano’ Ctrl+T is off. Keys/Action File Operations Ctrl+O Open file Ctrl+S Save file Ctrl+N Save new version Ctrl+Shift+S Save As… Ctrl+R Export wave file Ctrl+Shift+R Export mp3 file Ctrl+Shift+M Export MIDI file Alt+01..9 Open recent files 0..9 Ctrl+Shift+H Rearrange windows Keys/Action Pattern Selector Numpad 1..9 Select patterns 1..9 + Next pattern – Previous pattern F4 Next empty pattern Keys/Action Channel Rack Step Sequencer 1…9 0 Mute/Unmute first 10 channels Ctrl+1..90 Solo/UnSolo first 10 channels Up-Arrow Select previous channel Down-Arrow Next channel Page Up Next channel Group 1/4

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Page Down Previous channel Group Alt+Del Delete selected channel/s Alt+Down-Arrow Move selected Channel/s one step down Alt+Up-Arrow Move selected Channel/s one step up Alt+C Clone selected channels Alt+G Group selected channels Alt+M T oggle Mixer Track Selectors Alt+U Unzip selected channel/s Alt+Z Zip selected channel/s Ctrl+Alt+R Force restretch of all Audio Clip Channels Ctrl+Enter Focus Playlist Ctrl+Shift+C Clone channel/s Ctrl+C Copy channel Steps/Score Ctrl+V Paste channel Steps/Score Ctrl+X Cut channel Steps/Score Shift+Up-Arrow Move selected channel/s Up Shift+Down-Arrow Move selected channel/s Down Shift+Ctrl+Left-Arrow Shift Steps Left Shift+Ctrl+Right-Arrow Shift Steps Right Keys/Action Record / Playback / Transport Backspace T oggle Line/None Snap Space Start/Stop Playback Ctrl+Space Start/Pause Playback L Switch Pattern/Song mode R Switch On/Off recording This also works during playback 0 NumPad Fast forward / NumPad Previous bar Song mode NumPad Next bar Song mode Ctrl+E T oggle Step Edit mode Ctrl+H Stop sound panic 2/4

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Ctrl+T T oggle typing keypad to piano keypad Ctrl+B T oggle blend notes Ctrl+M T oggle metronome Ctrl+P T oggle recording metronome precount Ctrl+I T oggle wait for input to start recording Keys/Action Window Navigation T ab Cycle nested windows F8 Open Plugin Picker Enter T oggle Max/Min Playlist Esc Closes a window F1 This Help F5 T oggle Playlist F6 T oggle Step Sequencer F7 T oggle Piano roll Alt+F8 Show/hide Sample Browser F9 Show/hide Mixer F10 Show/hide MIDI settings F11 Show/hide song info window F12 Close all windows Ctrl+Shift+H Arrange windows Keys/Action Mixer Alt+Left-Arrow / Right-Arrow Move selected mixer track/s Left/Right Alt+L Select the channels Linked to the selected mixer track Alt+W T oggle Peak-meter ‘Wave’ view Ctrl+L Link selected channels to selected mixer track Shift+Ctrl+L Link selected channels STARTING From selected mixer track Shift+Mouse-Wheel Move selected mixer track/s Left/Right mouse-over track Ctrl+Shift+Left-Click Select multiple mixer tracks Ctrl+Shift+S Save Mixer track state 3/4

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F2 Rename selected mixer track S Solo Current track Alt+S Alt Solo – Activate Current track and all tracks Routed TO/FROM It Alt+R Render Armed tracks to .wav 4/4