Best Carpet Cleaners In Las Vegas, NV Tips For A Great-Smelling Home

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To help your home stay fresh-smelling this winter, call the best carpet cleaners in Las Vegas, NV, Zerorez, at (702) 903-1300. You can also visit to find out more about our other cleaning services.


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By Zerorez Las Vegas

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If you can’t wait for cool weather so that you can get the smelly stuffy air out of your home and get it ready for holiday visitors.

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 The source of most lingering nasty smells in your home is food and food containers. If your home smells a little funky but you’re not sure where the smell is coming from empty all of your trash containers first.

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 A good vacuum especially one with a HEPA filter can make a big difference in keeping your home smelling good. You must vacuum as often as possible especially if you have small children or pets.

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 Winter in southeastern Nevada is a great time to fling open the windows and let the breezes flow through your home. Studies have shown that indoor air quality is significantly worse than outdoor air quality so make sure you have lots of fresh air circulating this winter.

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 If you have pets who have accidents on your carpeting make sure you blot them up as soon as possible. Use as much water as possible but not so much that you saturate your carpet.

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