How not to clean Tile and Grout in Las Vegas


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Here is a list of the most common issues I find in the field of carpet cleaning.


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How not to Clean Tile and Grout in Las Vegas

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Here is a list of the most common issues you find in the field

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Using too much soap I’ve done it we think more is better • It builds a film up over the tile over time attracting dirt. •Too much soap can cause your floor to be streaky…which is not attractive.

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Mopping the floor and using dirty mop water Grout is super porous. It will absorb that mop water and cause your grout to appear darker. That’s also a breeding ground for bacteria.

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Not sweeping the floor enough. Dirt sand and grit is really really abrasive. It can cause damage to your grout lines and cause the grout to not look good in the future.

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Applying a wax or acrylic sealer or finish to the floor See picture above •Sometime’s we think that the cure all is to apply a sealer and that will fix everything. Unfortunately the sealer will build up dirt film and it will wear and scuff eventually. •To clean the surface you must fully remove the sealer which is more costly and timely and usually requires a professional. •Consult a professional they can better guide you on what is appropriate and best for your floor and you

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A professional tile and grout cleaner such as Zerorez Las Vegas to professionally clean your floor and help answer your questions. The results are fantastic and it will save you time and energy In the meantime sweep your tile and grout frequently and use neutral cleaners to mop your floor Visit Zerorez online to learn more now Or call Zerorez at 702 903-1300.