Carpet Cleaning In Las Vegas, NV 8 Reasons To Keep Your Carpets Clean

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Learn more about why it’s important to keep your business’s carpets clean. Call Zerorez carpet cleaning in Las Vegas, NV at (702) 903-1300.


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By Zerorez Las Vegas

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Don’t think clean carpets are important enough to spend even a small part of your operating budget on

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1 – It Can Prolong The Life Of Your Carpet Daily vacuuming and regular deep cleaning of carpets removes abrasives and dirt that can wear carpet fibers out fast. Your business’s carpeting is a major investment so keeping it clean means avoiding the expense of replacing it before it’s absolutely necessary.

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2 – It Protects The Air Quality Inside Your Business Carpets trap indoor air pollutants and when they’re walked on they release the pollutants into the air. Regular vacuuming and deep cleaning with the right equipment will remove these pollutants from the carpets.

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3 – It Makes Your Carpeting Easier To Maintain Dirt that isn’t removed on a daily basis will be ground in which means more spot cleaning that requires time and elbow grease to remove.

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4 – It Means Your Carpets Will Be Spot- And Stain-Free Your employees and customers will spill on your carpet whether it’s coffee soda or food and when they spill your carpets will get spotted and stained.

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5 – It Keeps Germs And Pollutants From Building Up In Your Carpets Many of the bacteria and other germs that make their way into your business end up in your carpeting and they can make you and your employees sick. 6 – It Removes Dust Mites And Bugs From Carpeting In addition to airborne allergens like pollen dust mites in carpeting can trigger allergic reactions and bed bugs deposited in your carpeting can be picked up in the clothing and bags of your employees and customers who transport them home.

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7 – It Makes Your Business Cleaner And More Attractive No one wants to work in or do business with a company that has filthy carpets. It’s not only repellent to customers it’s also demoralizing for employees and sends the message to both that you really don’t care about them or your business.

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8 – It Maintains Your Carpet’s Warranty Regular carpet cleaning in Las Vegas NV is usually part of the manufacturer’s warranty for carpeting.

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