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Questons Answers PDF Page 1 h t p s: //w w w . certkillers.net Pa l o Al t o Net wo r ks PC C SE Exam Pri sm a Cer t i f i ed C l oud S ecu r i t y E ngi ne e r Thank you for Downloading PCCSE exam PDF Demo You can Buy Latest PCCSE Full Version Download htps://www. certkillers.net/Exam/PCCSE

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Questons Answers PDF Page 2 h t p s: //w w w . certkillers.net V ersi on: 4. 0 Q ue s to n: 1 An administrator has deployed Console into a Kubernetes cluster running in AWS. The administrator also has confgured a load balancer in TCP passthrough mode to listen on the same ports as the default Prisma Compute Console confguraton In the build pipeline the administrator wants twistcli to talk to Console over HTTPS Which port will twistcli need to use to access the Prisma Compute APIs A. 8081 B. 443 C. 8084 D. 8083 An s w e r : C htps://docs.paloaltonetworks.com/prisma/prisma-cloud/20-12/prisma-cloud-compute-editon- admin/howto/confgure_eks_loadbalancer Q ue s to n: 2 Which method should be used to authentcate to Prisma Cloud Enterprise programmatcally A. SAML B. access key C. basic authentcaton D. single sign-on An s w e r : B Prisma Cloud requires an API access key to enable programmatc access to the REST API. By default only the System Admin has API access and can enable API access for other administrators. To generate an access key see Create and Manage Access Keys. Afer you obtain an access key you can submit it in a REST API request to generate a JSON Web Token JWT. The JWT is then used to authentcate all subsequent REST API requests on Prisma Cloud. htps://docs.paloaltonetworks.com/prisma/prisma-cloud/prisma-cloud-admin/get-started-with- prisma-cloud/access-the-prisma-cloud-api Q ue s to n: 3 DRAG DROP Which order of steps map a policy to a custom compliance standard

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Questons Answers PDF Page 3 h t p s: //w w w . certkillers.net Drag the steps into the correct order of occurrence from the frst step to the last. Answer: Q ue s to n: 4 A customer is interested in PCI requirements and needs to ensure that no privilege containers can st art in the environment. Which acton needs to be set f or "do not use privileged containers A. Alert B. Prevent C. F a i l D . Block Answer: A Q ue s to n: 5 A customer is deploying Defenders to a Fargate environment It wants to understand the vulnerabilites in the images it is deploying. How should the customer automate vulnerability scanning f or images deployed to Fargate

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Questons Answers PDF Page 4 h t p s: //w w w . certkillers.net A. Embed a Fargate Defender to automatcally scan f or vulnerabilites B. Use Cloud Compliance to identfy misconfgured AWS accounts C. Set up a vulnerability scanner on the r eg i s try D . Designate a Fargate Defender to serve a dedicated image scanner Answer: A

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